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Important notice: British Council and IDP have started conducting paper based exam from 18th July. Please contact us at 8197881978 for more info.

About Us

British IELTS was established by our founder Guntaas K Chopra in the year 2015 after seeing a lot of students interested in studying and settling abroad and finding a one-stop place for their this dream to come true. After thorough research, an offline institute by the name of British IELTS was founded to provide the students a quality IELTS coaching as this is the foundation of an individual to step into an English speaking country.

After having a strong foothold in the offline market, we wanted to cater to those individuals who find it challenging to fit in an offline class schedule in their hectic daily routine. This product has especially been designed for the working professionals, businessmen/businesswomen, housewives, and students who want to prepare for IELTS, but the constraint is the routine. So with this online coaching, you can prepare for IELTS at your own comfort, sitting at home, and whenever you want.

In today's world making optimum use of technology can make our life easier, and that is exactly what we want for you, using technology along with teaching skills of our team can get you to achieve your required band score and eventually fly with your dreams fulfilled.