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5 Easy Steps to Improve your Reading Score

15 Jan 2020 Administrator . 0 General

As per available data, more than 3 million students attempted IELTS in 2019 across 140 countries to make their dream of going abroad come true. Reading test is a vital part of the exam and the critical point to note that there are two reading test types for the students. 

One type is for the academic category, and the other is for the general category. Apart from the reading module, only Writing task 1 is different for both the student categories in the test. Task 2 in Writing and the listening and speaking modules are the same for both the IELTS Academic and General.

Follow These Steps to Improve your Reading Score

IELTS reading scores have generally shown higher scores on average as compared to writing and speaking modules. So, if you are following the essential IELTS reading tips to practice, then there is no reason to worry about getting a good reading score.

Here are some essential tips for the reading module in the IELTS test:-

1.Skim and head to answers

Skimming refers to the act of only focusing on the main ideas and not go through every word given in the reading passage. The focus should be solely on answering the questions within the stipulated time. And to concentrate on anything other than what the questions are about is a waste of time.

2. Stay on time

Don’t forget that there are 60 minutes for the reading module. You have to read 3 texts and answer 40 questions in that time frame. One way to ensure this is IELTS online preparation courses to help you practice regularly anywhere and anytime.

3. Don’t change the order

Another critical thing to remember that the questions get written in order as per the passage. So it makes sense to answer questions chronologically as the next question might have the answer related to the previous question.

4. Empty space

The most pressing advice given by many experts is that anyone attempting the IELTS test should not leave space in any question. There won’t be any penalty or negative marking for the wrong answers, so try to take chances on every question. 

5. Details matter

The first apparent steps are to skim over the text and get the gist of the passage. It is time to move on to the next part after that. Try to focus on crucial details that may help you with specific questions. 

Conclusion :

The IELTS reading module is the second module in chronological order in the IELTS test. The academic IELTS test features topics and essays from Academic life, and common life-related questions like ads, letters, magazines get covered in the General IELTS test. Engage in regular practice with the above-stated IELTS reading tips to increase your familiarity with both types of an IELTS test and get high ielts reading scores and overall IELTS band score.

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