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IELTS Listening Test: 7 Steps Towards a Band 7

10 Jun 2020 Administrator . 0 General

What did he just say? Oh no! I totally missed it. – Does this ring a bell. Are you struggling to score well in your IELTS Listening test too? Do you worry that you will not understand something during the test and mess up your entire score? Then, you are in the right place.

We have come up with the top 7 steps that are your key to your desired band-seven score in the IELTS exam. Do you want to know about them? Let the scrolling begin.

7 Steps to IELTS 7

1.  There is no shortcut to ace your IELTS Listening test.

Every candidate who is preparing for IELTS these days tends to look for tips and tricks that can help them score the best. While these may work for the other IELTS modules, the Listening test doesn’t work this way. Therefore, instead of looking for shortcuts, it is better to focus on your IELTS Listening test preparation.

2.  Watch shows that are in English and listen to English every day.

Listening to the language will allow you to have a better understanding of its natural usage. Thus, while you are traveling to work or working out at the gym, make it a point to listen to stuff in English. It can be anything ranging from music and podcasts to YouTube videos and TED talk on your favorite topic. If you do this daily, your IELTS Listening test score is sure to improve.

Further, while listening, make sure that you do that actively. If you find some unfamiliar words, note them down and look for their meaning. It will help you remember them easily. And you can improve your vocabulary too.

3.  Make sure that you have a strategy.

Having a strategy for your IELTS Listening exam means you will know what to do on the test day. It will boost both your grade and your confidence tremendously. Further, make sure that you know about each kind of question that you may have to answer. For this, knowing about the exam pattern is important. You must research about it even before you take up IELTS Online training.

4.  Practice wisely and reflect on your mistakes.

The practice is the key to ace your IELTS Listening test. Therefore, make sure to come up with a schedule to do that. Also, you will never have practiced enough. So, make sure to do it till your IELTS Test Day. Along with this, reflecting on your mistakes is essential too. An excellent way to do so is to record them.

After you do so, sit down and listen to yourself. Make sure to correct the words you mispronounce. This way, you will gain a better understanding, and nobody can stop you from doing the best on your test day.

5.  You should never force yourself to prepare for IELTS. Make sure that you enjoy the process.

If you do anything forcefully, be it your preparation for the IELTS exam, you will achieve nothing out of it. Therefore, make sure that you enjoy the learning process for your IELTS Listening test.

6.  Think in English.

Another thing that you must do during your IELTS Listening test preparation is to think in English. Most of the language experts out there agree about this key rule. So, rather than translating, think in the language you are preparing for. It will help you learn it faster and well.

7.  Do not book the test until you feel that you can perform to your jam-packed potential.

Lastly, do not hurry to book your test. Do it only when you are 100% sure about your preparation. For this, you can take up an IELTS online preparation course. Then, make sure to attempt some practice tests. And when you get your desired score in them, only then appear for your test.


So, these are the seven steps you need to follow if you wish to score band seven or more in your IETLS Listening test. Ebritishielts can be your leaning partner during the entire process. Our online IELTS training packages are specially designed to ensure that our students pass their IELTS exam with flying colors.

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