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IELTS Reading: Common Mistakes That You Might Be Making

15 May 2020 Administrator . 0 General

The IELTS Reading section is a crucial part for those who wish to get an excellent overall IELTS band score. This section can be quite easy to look at. All you have to do is read a passage and answer some questions related to it. However, the IELTS Reading module is not as simple as it looks. The little mistakes that you can make unknowingly in this section can cost you losing quite a lot of marks.

That being said, there is nothing that adequate practice cannot solve. When you practice enough for your IELTS test, you are sure to avoid these silly mistakes. However, before that, you need to be aware of what these mistakes are. Let’s have a look:

Common Mistakes in IELTS Reading

  • You Do Not Have to Read Every Word.

You will have a limited time to answer all the questions of your IELTS Reading module. Therefore, reading the entire passage can be a waste of time. To avoid this, you must take a look at all the questions first. Then, skim through the passage and look for similar content. This way, you will be able to find your answers well and within your schedule.

  • Never Read the Test Questions Casually.

The first thing that you must do even before going through the passage is to read all the questions that you are supposed to answer. Never take all these questions casually because, at the end of the day, these are ones you are supposed to answer for your IELTS reading test. Therefore, read and analyze them carefully before you skim through the passage to find information related to them.

  • Avoid Creating A Conflict in Your Answer.

In a zeal to score the best, aspirants sometimes tend to choose two probable answers for a question instead of one. However, you must know that there is just one answer, that is the right one. Also, there are no half marks in the IELTS test. Due to this, both the answers together will be considered wrong, and you will lose your marks for that question of the IELTS reading module. So, to avoid this, make sure to finalize on one answer even if you are facing a situation of confusion.

  • Do Not Assume Anything.

During your IELTS Reading preparation, you may have noted that we often tend to assume information. However, you must never let your brain trick you into this. Doing so can affect your “True/False/Not Given” and “Yes/No/Not Given” question types. You may end up assigning the wrong answer to the question and eventually end up with fewer marks in the IELTS reading section.

  • Do Not Stick to A Single Question.

There are times when you get stuck on a single question and cannot find a suitable answer for it. In such a case, moving on to the next question is the best choice. In your way of solving all the questions for your IELTS reading exam, you are sure to find the answer to that problematic question in between.

  • Practice Time Management.

By now, you must have understood that time plays a crucial role in solving the IELTS reading module. Therefore, you must allot a specific time for each of the sections. As per us, you can give 15 minutes to section 1, 20 to second, and 25 to the third. The reason behind this is that with each section, the difficulty level tends to increase. Hence, you will need more time to solve the questions in it.

  • Do Not Ignore All the Instructions.

Another mistake that students tend to make is to ignore the instructions given to them. For instance, if there may be an instruction like – Write no more than two words, you must answer accordingly. Most students tend to overlook this. Thus, they fail to adhere to the instruction meant for a question and lose marks.

  • Always Remember That Spelling Is Important.

Just like in the Writing module, wrong spelling will lead to loss of marks in the IELTS Reading module too. So, make sure to check all your spellings before you write your answers in the main answer sheet, and hand them in.

  • Grammar Matters Too!

After your spelling, your grammar is essential too. After all, the test is meant to check your proficiency in the English language. And these two are crucial components of it. Thus, make sure that all the answers in your IELTS reading, as well as all other modules, are grammatically correct. Another noteworthy thing is the rule of capitalization in the English language. So, keep it in mind, as well.

  • Never Answer “True/False/Not Given” As “Yes/No/Not Given” And Vice Versa.

This is the last and the most common mistake in the IELTS reading that we will tell you about. Most of the aspirants usually mark the True answer with Yes. However, you need to know that these two question types are different, and answering them this way will be wrong. Thus, make sure to check the question type before answering it and do not get confused between the two.


When you take into consideration these little points, you are sure to improve your reading score. This, in turn, will help you get an excellent overall score. For your IELTS Reading preparation, you can rely on ebritishielts. It is the best online IELTS training platform that you will ever come across. Here, along with three-level IELTS academic and general training programs, you can also enroll in the carefully-crafted single modules to enhance your score.