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Prepare for IELTS with 6 Easy Steps

19 May 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Do you want to fulfill your dreams of studying and settling abroad? IELTS is the necessary criterion for it. This English language proficiency test is designed to check the skills of non-natives in this particular language. A number of aspirants appear for this exam every year, and only a few manage to score well in it.

By now, you must have realized how hard it can be to prepare for IELTS. However, if you practice enough, there is nothing that you can achieve. And the same goes for this proficiency test. Of course, your preparation needs to be well planned. Here is how you can rely on these simple six steps to prepare for IELTS:

Step One – Familiarize yourself with the IELTS test format.

One thing that you might be familiar with regarding the IELTS test is that it is of two types – IELTS General Training and Academic examination. So, depending on your reason to go to an English-speaking country, you will have to decide between the two tests.

After you have narrowed down to an option, you need to get familiar with it. The first thing that you need to know before you prepare for IELTS is the format of the test. Typically, both the IELTS Academic test and General Training test consist of four modules – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. However, the format of these for both the versions of IELTS is different.

Step Two – Understand the question types.

Now that you are familiar with your IELTS test format, you can move on to the type of question to prepare for IELTS. You already know about the four modules of the IELTS General Training and Academic test. All these will have a specific set of questions that need to be answered within a set time. Also, the questions in each of the parts of the IELTS exam will be different.

Thus, when you sit to prepare for IELTS, make sure that you know about all the questions that you will be answering. For this, you can also find practice tests or look for IELTS exam preparation courses online.

Step Three – Know the scoring criteria.

To prepare for IELTS well, you must also know how you will be scored for each of your answers. IELTS results generally come in the form of bands – scaling from Band 0 to Band 9. Also, all the modules of the IELTS test hold equal importance. If you mess up in one of them, it will affect your overall score.

Your overall score, further, will be calculated depending on the bands you get in all the four modules of IELTS. And this criterion is the same for both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic test.

Step Four – Consider a preparation course.

If you want to prepare for IELTS to your jam-packed potential, considering an IELTS exam preparation course is a wise choice. But we know that it can be quite challenging to take out time from your busy schedule to attend a fully-fledged class. It is where the idea of IELTS preparation online will please you. You can easily enroll for an online course.

When you prepare for IELTS this way, you do not have to stick to particular class time. You get to pick up your own time. What’s more, you can learn from any place you want. It is due to this reason, aspirants all across the world prefer this method of IELTS preparation over the conventional classroom teaching method.

Step Five – Set goals and practice as much as you can.

Setting a goal for you is a great way to prepare for IELTS. When you do this simple thing, you will know that you have to cover a particular portion of your IELTS syllabus in a given time. However, do not push yourself too hard. You must make sure that your study goals for IELTS are realistic. Also, practice is the key to scoring the best in this exam.

Step Six – Check your progress.

While you prepare for IELTS, make sure to give yourself a progress check-in between. You can do this by attempting a practice test and challenging yourself to complete it at a specific time. Once you get a perfect score in your practice, you are ready to go. Make sure that you are calm and collected on your test day, and solve it with utmost concentration.


With these six-steps in your routine to prepare for IELTS, you are sure to get your desired band score. Ebritishielts can be your learning partner in this. With our three-level effective learning packages for both IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic test, you can take your preparation to another level. And in case you only want to improve your score in a particular module, you can opt for a single module package too.