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How to Prepare for IELTS During the Pandemic with Ebritishielts?

23 Jun 2020 Administrator . 0 General

The novel coronavirus pandemic has been in the picture for a long time now. It has managed to alter many aspects of our daily lives. Where going out was an everyday norm for every small task, online platforms have taken its place. Another thing that this situation has affected includes your IELTS study plans. Where earlier, students used to visit their coaching classes to prepare for IELTS, social distancing has made it impossible to do so.

Further, we are confident that none among us wants to risk his/her life in an attempt to get the perfect IELTS band score. So, what can be done? Wasting your time just because of the pandemic will take you nowhere. Whether you prepare for IELTS or not, your test date is not going to move forward. So, in case you are planning on taking the IELTS within the next couple of months, we have a solution for you in the form of IELTS preparation online.

How Is the Coronavirus Pandemic Keeping You to Prepare For IELTS?

Did you know that the coronavirus pandemic has affected the study plans of nearly 46% of students wanting to appear for IELTS within the next few months?

By now, we are sure that you may have an idea of how this disease spreads. In such a case, going out is equal to putting an ax on your foot. Further, with nearly the entire world in lockdown, it is evident that the coronavirus pandemic will hinder your way of preparing for IELTS.

Now, since you cannot go to an IELTS coaching class, it is impossible for you to continue your study plan. For those who think that they might be able to do it on their own, if you are succeeding, we are proud of you. But in 92% of the cases, candidates find it difficult to prepare for IELTS without any guidance. Thus, IELTS preparation online is the only way to reach your desired IELTS band score in such a case. We understand this entirely and proudly present you with one of the most sought-after online IELTS platforms – Ebritishielts.

Prepare for IELTS With Ebritishielts

Ebritishielts is an online IELTS training provider. It was developed, keeping in mind the dilemmas of students, homemakers, and the office going folks who cannot take out time to prepare for IELTS. This platform offers the best IELTS online coaching. Now with the coronavirus pandemic in the picture, it has become another medium to let people continue their journey towards their study and stay abroad dreams.

We at ebritishielts understand how crucial it is to prepare for IELTS. Also, we are aware of the wonders that the advancement in technology can work. So, we have combined our teaching skills with internet technology and made it possible for learners to prepare for IELTS from the comfort of their space and as per their convenience. With us, you are sure to achieve your desired IELTS band score that can help you get into the institution of your dreams.

How Online IELTS Coaching Works with eBritishielts?

If you are someone who needs to prepare for IELTS at the earliest, here is a comprehensive guide of how online IELTS training works with ebritishielts. Have a look:

Step 1: Level Assessment

Firstly, take our free level-assessment test. It is specially designed as a measure to know your skills in the English language. Once you are done with it, you will be given a score between 0-10. Also, it will help us present you with the packages most suited for you.

Step 2: Demo Package

After the test of your English language is done, you can opt for our one-day free demo. It will help you in understanding our product and let you know how we can help you prepare for IELTS during the pandemic.

Step 3: Choosing the Online IELTS Package

Then, you will have to choose between the packages suggested to you. These are designed as per your skillset and range from – Basic and intermediate to professional. Furthermore, if you wish to polish your skills in a particular module of IELTS, we offer single modules too. So, make your choice accordingly.

Step 4: Prepare for IELTS From Home

Once you pay for your desired package, you can start to prepare for IELTS. All the study material and the tests will be uploaded on to the control panel, and you can easily access them 24/7. However, before getting started with it, we suggest you watch our orientation video to understand IELTS better. Then, you can switch to the practice sessions. Here is a section-wise approach to it:

  • Reading

For your IELTS reading preparation, ebritishielts will offer you with a plethora of reading practice test material. So, you will never run short of it. After you attempt any of your tests, save your answers, and our team will correct them all without any delay.

  • Writing

To prepare for the IELTS writing exam, you can find writing tasks, 1 and 2, preloaded on the dashboard. You can solve them on a piece of paper. After this, upload the picture of the same using our mobile app. Within no time, you will receive the corrected sheet – with all the errors marked in red and corresponding suggestions to improve your writing.

  • Listening

When you prepare for IELTS, the listening module is essential too. For it, we provide numerous tapes. You will need a pair of headphones to listen to them. Again, after your attempt, you will get the solutions instantly.

  • Speaking

Like all the other modules, we will help you with the speaking module too. For this, you can schedule live speaking slots with trainers. Also, you get to do this as per convenience between 8:00 am to 7:00 pm. Furthermore, you will also be given a reminder of your session fifteen minutes before it starts.

Ebritishielts Key Features


Do not let the coronavirus outbreak hinder your study plan. With ebritishielts, you can readily prepare online for IELTS during the pandemic. Our study material is up to date, and our online IELTS preparation ensures that you clear your exam with your desired IELTS band score. What are you waiting for? Take our free assessment test now and take a step closer to your international dreams.

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