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eBritishielts: The Complete Solution for Perfect Online IELTS Coaching

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Do you wish to study or settle abroad? If yes, clearing IELTS with a good band score is an essential criterion. The international test is specially curated for those individuals who are not native English speakers. It is designed in a way to check the English language proficiency of these candidates with precision.

Now, numerous aspirants appear for IELTS every year. While they may clear it, not all of them are able to get their desired IELTS band score in the first attempt. Believe it or not, in order to achieve this, you will need to rely on professional help. Then again, not all have the time to spend hours a day taking IELTS coaching.

For such candidates and all busy IELTS aspirants, eBritishielts has come up with a complete solution for the perfect IELTS preparation – through online IELTS coaching.

Introducing eBritishielts

eBritishielts is an online IELTS preparation portal that is designed keeping the dilemmas of working professionals, homemakers, business owners, and students in mind. Understanding that they cannot take out time from their busy schedules, ebritishielts ensures that the aspirants complete their online IELTS coaching from the comfort of their space and time.

The platform has combined the top-notch teaching skills of their teachers with the advancements in the technology to deliver IELTS training that is result-oriented. With it, the IELTS test takers can achieve a band score that can help them fulfill their overseas dream easily. Let us see how online IELTS training works with this best IELTS training platform.

How ebritishielts.com Works?

Here is a comprehensive guide on how online IELTS coaching with ebritishielts.com works:

Free Level Assessment Test

In order to begin online IELTS coaching with eBritishielts, you can choose the free level-assessment test that they offer to all their visitors. This short English language test will help you know your level of English is and where you stand in your IELTS preparation.

Finding the Best IELTS Course

Based on the results of the free level-assessment test above, ebritishielts experts will find the best online IELTS coaching package for you. You can purchase it or choose the one you like the most. After the payment, you will receive the login details that will give you access to the ebritishielts dashboard.

Starting Online IELTS Coaching

The above step will lead to the activation of all the tests - Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing, on the dashboard. Along with this, there is an orientation video that you must watch before starting with the practice sessions.

eBritishielts Demo Package

The online IELTS portal also offers a demo package. You can get it to understand the working of the product before you decide to purchase it.

IELTS Reading Module

If you decide to prepare for your IELTS reading test with eBritishielts, there is abundant practice material. You will never run out of it. Once you compete with a practice test, the results are instantaneous. You do not have to wait for them.

IELTS Writing Module

You can even find your IELTS writing tasks on the dashboard. However, solving them is a little different than solving the reading practice test. If you are opting for paper-based IELTS, you can attempt this test on a piece of paper. Then, you simply need to upload its picture, and it will be corrected by your IELTS teacher. 

In the case of CD IELTS, eBritishielts’ online IELTS coaching also gives you an option to type your answers. Once you complete your IELTS writing test, your assigned teacher will make the necessary corrections. They will also give you suggestions to improve your mistakes.

IELTS Listening Module

For your IELTS listening test preparation, you can find several listening tapes on the dashboard. To use this, you will need a pair of quality headphones. Once you solve the questions on the basis of this and submit your attempt, you will receive the corrected answers immediately.

IELTS Speaking Module

The last module that eBritishielts’ online IELTS coaching focuses on is the IELTS Speaking module. For this, you can book live speaking sessions with trainers. Once you have booked your desired slot, you will receive a reminder before the video call where you can practice speaking for your IELTS test.

eBritishielts Live Chat

Enrolment with eBritishielts is not just limited to the practice tests. Along with these, there is real-time feedback and round the clock support from expert IELTS trainers. So, if you get stuck at something and need to seek help, the answer to your queries is just a click away!

Free Live Discussion

Once you sign up for free with eBritishielts, you can attend their free discussion sessions. Irrespective of whether you have purchased an online IELTS coaching package with us or not, you are eligible to be a part of these sessions.

Free Live Events

Apart from the live discussion session, eBritishielts also offers free live events. These occur on their YouTube channel and are a way to interact with the students and understand the challenges they face during their preparation. During these events, you will get access to some of the best tips that will help you get your desired IELTS band score. Again, these events are free, and you only need to register yourself to attend them.

How we work - eBritish IELTS


Preparing for IELTS is no child’s play, especially when you do not have enough time in hand. Online IELTS coaching ensures you are able to complete your IELTS preparation without altering your busy schedule. ebritishielts.com can be your best pick if you are looking for a complete online IELTS training solution.

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