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eBritish IELTS - A Blessing for IELTS Aspirants

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Are you an IELTS aspirant who wants to study or settle abroad? If yes, clearing IELTS with a good band score is an essential criterion. As an IELTS test-taker, the biggest concern for many is how to prepare for it. It is especially true if they have little time in hand for it. The international test is specially designed to check the proficiency of non-native speakers.

Now, numerous aspirants appear for IELTS every year. While they may clear it, not all of them are able to get their desired IELTS band score in the first attempt. Due to the need to get a high band score, the aspirants may need professional training for it. This is where eBritishielts come into the picture.

Here is why this IELTS preparation online portal is a blessing for IELTS aspirants:

Steps For IELTS Preparation Online

Before we tell you about eBritishielts, let us see if you need such a platform at all or not.

In order to clear the IELTS on the first try, you need to know the best way to prepare for your IELTS test. Most experts suggest the following for it, if you want to do so from home:

  • Firstly, you have to make a well-balanced strategy for your IELTS preparation.

  • Then, make sure to stick to it. Experts clearly claim that online IELTS training can help you with this.

  • Then, you need to learn how the scoring system for IELTS works so you will know what to focus on.

  • After this, it is important to know about the IELTS test format for all the modules – reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • If you have not by now, experts say that now is the time to enroll yourself in an online IELTS preparation course. 

  • eBritishielts is a great choice here as it is much convenient and affordable than the offline mode. Also, you will get enough study material and guidance from expert IELTS trainers.

Introducing eBritishielts

Ebritishielts is an IELTS online coaching platform specially designed to cater to working professionals, homemakers, business owners, and students. These are those individuals who find it challenging to opt for conventional IELTS preparation in their fast-paced lifestyle. Understanding that they cannot take out time from their busy schedules, eBritishielts offers convenient IELTS training to them.

It combines the top-notch teaching skills of its teachers with the advancements in technology to do so. Owing to this, it has become the best website for IELTS preparation. With the website, aspirants can easily achieve their desired IELTS band score from home. Now, let us see why you should choose this website and how this blessing for aspirants works.

Why Should Aspirants Choose eBritishielts?

eBritishielts offers online training for IELTS to aspirants in the form of IELTS online live classes, practice tests, and a lot more. Here is why you should enroll with the website now:

  • Online IELTS Training with eBritishielts is Convenient.

Online IELTS classes with eBritishielts are designed to offer convenience to all IELTS aspirants. If you enroll yourself in one of these, you just need an internet connection, laptop, and you can study from anywhere around the world.

  • Online IELTS Training with eBritishielts Will Help You Save a Lot of Money.

Online IELTS coaching with the website is far cheaper than your regular IELTS training classes. Also, you will save on transport and additional books for your preparation.

  • Online IELTS Training with eBritishielts Offers Individualized Instructions.

The online mode of IELTS with eBritishielts allows you to enjoy individual attention from your tutor. His/her attention will not be divided. Also, you can readily ask questions via email or chat anytime.

  • Online IELTS Training with eBritishielts Has Flexible Schedules. 

With eBritishielts online IELTS preparation, you can choose a schedule that is suitable for you. Thus, you can make sure that your study time will never conflict with your other commitments.

  • Online IELTS Training with eBritishielts Promotes Self-Discipline. 

Lastly, online IELTS training with the platform also teaches you to become more disciplined. It is because you have to study by yourself. Your online teacher will monitor your performance, but you need to put in the effort too. Hence, you will become more self-reliant.

How does ebritishielts.com Works?

How we work - eBritish IELTS

Now, let us find out how the platform works. Here is a comprehensive guide on the same:

  • Free Level Assessment Test

In order to begin your IELTS online training with Ebritishielts, the first step includes taking a free level assessment test. You will be scored between 0-10. It is basically a test to determine your skill set in the English language. Also, it helps the eBritishielts team to present you with the most suitable packages for your IELTS preparation online.

  • Finding the Best IELTS Course

Based on the results of the free level-assessment test above, eBritishielts experts will find the best IELTS coaching package for you. After you use the demo package, you can purchase it or choose the one you like the most. After the payment, you will receive the login details that will give you access to the eBritishielts dashboard. And here you can start your IELTS preparation online.

  • Starting IELTS Preparation Online

After the above step, you can start preparing for the IELTS from home. All the study material and the tests will be made available to you on the dashboard, and you can access them 24/7 for the duration of your subscription. Further, you will also have access to an orientation video that will help you understand IELTS better. After watching it, you can switch to the IELTS practice sessions.

Preparation of All the IELTS Modules at eBritishielts

Here is a section-wise approach to IELTS preparation online with eBritishielts:

  • IELTS Reading Module

For the reading module of the IELTS exam, eBritishielts offers a plethora of reading practice test material. They ensure that you will never run short of it while you prepare for IELTS from home. Further, you only need to attempt your test and save the answers. Once done, you will receive instant feedback for the same.

  • IELTS Writing Module

You can even find your IELTS writing tasks on the dashboard. However, solving them is a little different than solving the reading practice test. If you are opting for paper-based IELTS, you can attempt this test on a piece of paper. Then, you simply need to upload a picture, and it will be corrected by your IELTS teacher. 

In the case of CD IELTS, eBritishielts’ online IELTS coaching also gives you an option to type your answers. Once you complete your IELTS writing test, your assigned teacher will make the necessary corrections. They will also give you suggestions to improve your mistakes.

  • IELTS Listening Module

As for the IELTS Listening test, there are numerous tapes and recordings on the control panel. All you will need for them is a quality pair of headphones and a place where you can sit and attempt your test for IELTS online training. After this, you will get the solutions without any delay.

  • IELTS Speaking Module

Lastly, for your IELTS Speaking test preparation, you can schedule live speaking slots with expert trainers. Make sure that the time you select is at your convenience. Also, you will receive a reminder of the same fifteen minutes before your session starts.

Other eBritishielts Features

  • eBritishielts Live Chat

Enrolment with eBritishielts is not just limited to the practice tests. Along with these, there is real-time feedback and round-the-clock support from expert IELTS trainers. So, if you get stuck at something and need to seek help, the answer to your queries is just a click away!

  • Free Live Discussion

Once you sign up for free with eBritishielts, you can attend their free discussion sessions. Irrespective of whether you have purchased an online IELTS coaching package with us or not, you are eligible to be a part of these sessions.

  • Free Live Events

Apart from the live discussion session, eBritishielts also offers free live events. These occur on their YouTube channel and are a way to interact with the students and understand the challenges they face during their preparation. During these events, you will get access to some of the best tips that will help you get your desired IELTS band score. Again, these events are free, and you only need to register yourself to attend them.


Online IELTS coaching with eBritishielts sure does prove to be a blessing for IELTS aspirants. It ensures they are able to complete their IELTS preparation without altering their busy schedule. What are you waiting for? Sign up with the platform for free and begin your IELTS preparation online now!

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