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Can I Take the IELTS Exam In 2020? How Can eBritishielts Help Me With It?

18 Aug 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Do you wish to work in an English-speaking country? Are you keen on having an international education? Well, the only way to fulfill this life-long dream of yours is by taking an IELTS test. However, with the pandemic in the picture, the most common question in the minds of many IELTS aspirants right now is that is it possible to take the IELTS exam in 2020.

If you are wondering the same, we have good news for you. IDP and British Council have started conducting both computer-aided and paper-based IELTS exam. So, yes, you can take your IELTS exam during the COVID-19 period. Let’s know more about the IELTS exam in 2020.

All About IELTS Exam 2020

The IELTS exam is specifically designed to measure the English language proficiency of those who wish to work, study, or settle abroad. This International English Language Testing System makes use of a nine-band scale where the band score 1 indicates a non-user, and the band score 9 is for someone who is an expert in the English language. 

Now, the appearance of the coronavirus pandemic was the reason why this test had come to a standstill. But recently, the IELTS exam is being conducted again. So, if you had plans to take your IELTS exam in 2020, you can do so readily. Also, since this test is valid for two years, you need not worry about your effort being wasted. 

Further, you can either opt for computer-delivered IELTS or paper-based IELTS. And as far as your preparation is concerned, you can opt for IELTS preparation online.

How Is Computer-Delivered IELTS Different from Paper-Based IELTS?

If you think that for the computer-delivered IELTS you can sit at your home and give your test, you are wrong. For both computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS, you need to visit an IELTS test center. However, for your computer-delivered IELTS exam, the Listening, Reading, and Writing module are conducted on a computer. 

While for the paper-based one, you will be given your regular sheet of paper. The components of the tests like the content, marking scheme, and the question types remain the same for both. The timings for both the type of tests can vary a little. But there isn’t a lot of difference. 

For your IELTS Speaking test, on the other hand, both computer-delivered and paper-based IELTS follow a similar pattern. Also, this has to happen face-to-face in the presence of an examiner. The fee that you need to pay for these is INR 14,000, and the validity of the test remains the same. Another thing that is similar for both these tests is that you can get IELTS training online for them.

What Are the Main Test Centers for IELTS In India?

You can take your IELTS exam 2020 easily if you are near some of the following centers:

New Delhi, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Chennai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Amritsar, Jalandhar, Bathinda, Ludhiana, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kochi, Noida, Surat, Thane, Vadodara, Vijayawada

For all these places, both computer-aided and paper-based IELTS exam is available. The former, in fact, have more availability. For more, you can even refer to official websites of IDP IELTS and the British council.

How to Prepare for IELTS Exam 2020?

Now, the IELTS exam is conducted following all the necessary precautionary measures for the coronavirus. However, how does one prepare for this exam? Because let us be honest, preparing for IELTS requires some help from experts. The solution is simpler than you can ever imagine – with the help of online IELTS preparation. For this, you just have to find the best online IELTS portal, and you can quickly achieve your desired IELTS band score.

Preparing for IELTS Exam Online With eBritishielts

eBritishielts is an IELTS online training platform that is designed for working professionals, business owners, students, and homemakers with a passion for studying, working, and settling in an English-speaking nation. It provides the best IELTS online training by combining the power of the internet with their expert knowledge in the field of IELTS. From beginner to advanced IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic packages, you can find all with them. You can even choose among the single modules that eBritishielts offers.

eBritishielts Working

Here is how IELTS training online with eBritishielts works:

How we work - eBritish IELTS


Now that the IELTS exam is being conducted again, you can start preparing for it without any delay. eBritishielts can pave the way for this with their online IELTS training packages. Prepare for your IELTS exam from the comfort of your space and time, and get that desired IELTS band score now! What are you waiting for? Get started with eBritishielts by taking a free level assessment test.

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