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Can I Prepare for CD IELTS with eBritishielts?

01 Dec 2020 Administrator . 0 General

IELTS is a crucial test for those who are looking for international opportunities. While earlier, this International English Language Testing System was conducted on paper, it is now possible to take it on a computer, as well. Yes, CD IELTS (computer-delivered IELTS) is here. While the medium of taking both IELTS and CD IELTS is different, the patterns of both the exams are nearly the same.

So, the preparation of CD IELTS is similar to that of the IELTS exam. However, since the test is conducted via computer, the test-taker needs to be efficient in using computers for it. For instance, they must have a good typing speed for the CD IELTS Writing test. For the IELTS reading module, on the other hand, you must be comfortable enough to read from a screen and answer it.

Understanding all this, we at eBritishielts are constantly enhancing our online IELTS preparation experience for you. With us, be it CD IELTS or paper-based IELTS, IELTS online practice can be done for all. Further, we offer three-level IELTS Academic and General Training packages along with all single IELTS modules. Here is how you can prepare for CD IELTS with us:

How Is CD IELTS Different from Paper-Based IELTS?

Before we get started on how to prepare for CD IELTS with eBritishielts, let us see how this form of IELTS is different than the paper-based one. For the IELTS paper-based test, you will have to use a pen/pencil for writing or marking answers on your answer sheet. On the other hand, CD-IELTS requires you to type or mark all the answers on a computer. Let’s see how it will affect each of the modules:

  • The IELTS Reading test, in the case of paper-based IELTS, requires the candidate to read a passage and then fill in the answers on the answer sheet. However, for CD IELTS, both the passage and the questions are present simultaneously, and you need to mark the answer there. 
  • When it comes to the Writing module, you again have to write your answers on a sheet of paper, whereas for CD IELTS, you have to type your thoughts using a keyboard. For this, you must have a good typing speed and accuracy. So, during your IELTS preparation, take care of this.
  • Moving on to the Listening section of IELTS, you have to answer some questions while audio is being played. For paper-based IELTS, you are given 10 minutes to transfer your answers. Whereas, for CD IELTS, this time for checking your answers is 2 minutes as answers are there on the computer screen.

Further, the evaluation of the results in the case of a paper-based IELTS exam is done manually. On the other hand, for CD IELTS, the answer sheets are checked on the computer software. However, this is not done using AI. Real IELTS experts evaluate the answers.

Similarities Between CD IELTS and Paper-Based IELTS

While there are some differences in both the test, there are many similarities that you must know. They are:

  • The IELTS Speaking test for both paper-based and CD IELTS follows the same interview format pattern. Also, it is conducted on a separate day.
  • Further, the medium for the Listening, Reading, and Writing modules might be different, but they are conducted in a single sitting.
  • Then, the type of questions that will be asked in each of them is the same.
  • The time allotted for each module is also the same. (Except for the time given to transfer the answers in the case of the IELTS Listening test.)
  • Furthermore, the complexity level of each of the tasks is also the same, along with their scoring pattern.
  • Also, both of the tests have Academic and General versions.
  • The validity and acceptance of paper-based and CD IELTS are also the same.

How to Prepare for CD IELTS with eBritishielts?

With eBritishielts, the best website for IELTS preparation, you can easily prepare for CD IELTS. Each of our online IELTS course needs to be prepared using a computer. While the listening and speaking module is quite the same in the case of both the tests, the major difference is in the case of IELTS writing as you have to type your whole essay. For this, we have a solution.

When you attempt the IELTS Writing test with eBritishielts, for the paper-based IELTS, you need to submit the pictures of your written answers in step 5. For your CD IELTS online preparation, instead of these images, you can attach a typed-file of your answer. It will then be corrected by your assigned IELTS teacher, and within no time, you will receive the correction along with an input of how you can boost your IELTS band score in the module. 

At eBritishielts, we aim to offer IELTS online coaching to those individuals who wish to prepare for it from any place and any time. Here is how IELTS online training works with eBritishielts:

How we work - eBritish IELTS


Is the pattern of CD IELTS different?

No, it is the same as the paper-based IELTS test. You only have to type/mark the answers on a computer.

Is the marking scheme for CD IELTS different?

Yes, it is the same test and therefore follows a similar marking scheme. You will get an IELTS band score between 0-9.

Why should I take CD IELTS?

If you are more accustomed to typing than writing using a pen/pencil, CD IELTS is for you. Further, if you have bad handwriting, it is a wise idea to opt for CD IELTS. However, you may have to work on your writing speed and accuracy.

Will I get less time for the IELTS Listening test in the case of CD IELTS?

Yes, in the paper-based IELTS test, you have 10 minutes in the end that you can use to transfer your answers to the answer sheet. However, in the case of CD IELTS, writing on the question paper is not the solution. So, you have to type directly on the computer. Due to this, you only get the time to check your answers at the end, and it is 2 minutes.

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