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COVID-19 Effect: Is Your IELTS Training Getting Affected?

17 Jul 2020 Administrator . 0 General

The present-day coronavirus pandemic situation has led to the alteration of many aspects of the daily lives of numerous individuals. The most affected among these are international aspirants who are stuck with no way to prepare for their IELTS exam. It is where IELTS online training comes in the picture. 

Are you wondering how to achieve that desired IELTS band score in your IELTS exam? Are you looking for a way to turn the coronavirus pandemic in your favor and prepare for your IELTS test? Then, the best IELTS online coaching platform – Ebritishielts is sure to excite you. 

How Can IELTS Online Training Help You During the Pandemic?

IELTS preparation online is the best and the most practical way that one can rely on during such critical time. With the coronavirus disease spreading rapidly, going out is not an option. While it is a measure to keep us safe, it is undoubtedly affecting the IELTS training of aspirants. Also, IDP has already started conducting a computer-aided IELTS test. 

Thus, the best you can do here is – start preparing for IELTS at home. Doing so is the only way to get that ideal score that can help you get into the institution of your dreams. Ebritishielts understands all this, and here is how it will help you all:

IELTS Online Training with Ebritishielts

Ebritishielts is an online IELTS preparation portal. It was developed, keeping the dilemmas of professionals, business holders, homemakers, and students in mind. If you are in the lookout for the best IELTS online training, this platform is the one for you. IELTS online coaching with ebritishielts can readily help you continue your IELTS preparation journey and achieve the score that you want. 

Working of ebritishielts

Here is our well-devised guide that perfectly explains how IELTS online training with ebritishielts works. Have a look:

  • Free Level Assessment Test 

In order to begin your IELTS online training with ebritishielts, you need to take our free level-assessment test first. It is a perfect measure of your skillset in the English language and will help you in choosing the best online IELTS package for you. 

  • One-Day Demo Package

After you know where you stand in your English language test, you can choose our one-day free demo package. Through it, you can understand how IELTS online training with us works and how it can help you get your desired IELTS band score despite the pandemic conditions. 

  • Choose the Best IELTS Online Training Program

After this, you will have to choose the package you want for your IELTS preparation. These range from basic, intermediate, and professional IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training packages. Also, we offer single modules for IELTS, as well. So, you can choose between the Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking modules too. 

  • Prepare to Achieve Your Desired IELTS Band Score

Lastly, you only have to pay for your package. Once you do it, you can start your IELTS online training. Your study material and all the tests will be uploaded on the dashboard, and you can access them easily from there. Also, you can do so 24/7 for the time of your subscription. Thus, even time will not be a hindrance to your preparation. Here is all you will find on the control panel:

  • For the IELTS reading test preparation, you are sure to find abundant reading practice test material. Just attempt and save your answers, and our expert team will correct them instantly.
  • You can find writing tasks preloaded on the dashboard for your IELTS Writing test study material. Solve them on a piece of paper, upload the picture to the ebritishielts mobile app, and you will soon receive the corrections.
  • For the listening module of IELTS, you will also find a plethora of recordings. Again, you have to listen to them and attempt your answers. 
  • Lastly, you can schedule your speaking session at your convenience. Our expert trainers are sure to help you with it. Also, you will get a reminder for your session fifteen minutes before it starts. 


Do not let COVID-19 affect your IELTS training. With ebritishielts, you can readily opt for IELTS online training and start your journey towards your perfect IELTS band score. All the study material that we provide at ebritishielts is up to date. So, what are you waiting for? Take the free level assessment test now!

How we work - eBritish IELTS

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