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Essential Tips for the day of IELTS Test

27 Dec 2019 Administrator . 0 General

The day of the IELTS exam is a big day for many aspirants of overseas education. It is understandable to get nervous or excited to attempt the test to the best of their abilities. But it is vital to stay calm on the day of the test and the final few days leading up to the big day.

Things to do in the last week before IELTS Test

The last week before your IELTS test is a crucial time. It is in these days that you take your final steps to complete your preparation for your big day. It is critical to take advantage of this time and make sure you improve the IELTS score to get your desired band score.

Some essential IELTS test day tips are:-

1. No new English

The suggestion is that you don't add new vocabulary or grammar to your language. Instead, the focus should be to review what you have already learned. Also, get as fluent as possible with what you already know and take a few steps:-

- Keep reading as much as you can without stress.

- Test the grammar and vocabulary you already know.

- You can take the online IELTS Training tests to get effective practice to review what you have learned.

2. Take the Test

Sample tests are an excellent way of getting well versed with the test and removing some tension from your IELTS test preparation. You can take one sample test every day in the 7 days before the test so that you don't feel any nervousness when you sit down for the test.

Have a proper strategy for every section like:-

- In Listening, preview as many questions, and if you miss one, focus on the next.

- Don't spend more time than necessary on any 1 question during reading.

- In Writing, know your content and its proper structure.

- More than your language, during Speaking, your focus should be on fluency and clarity.

3. Take care of your health

Maybe the most obvious tip, but still, it is vital to stay as healthy as possible for the IELTS exam. Don't eat any weird food or drinks on the day or a few days before the test. Reach the test center early and avoid getting tired in the process.

Do's and Don't for the IELTS test

Now that you have prepared well, it is time for the big day of the IELTS test. There are some important instructions to keep in mind to improve the IELTS score.

1. It is essential to be well-rested and fed for a 2 hour 40 minutes test with no breaks.

2. Wear comfortable clothing and something that is enough for the air conditioning.

3. Arrive early for the test as there is verification that takes place, and you need to be relaxed, which cant happen if you arrive late.

4. Keep at least 2 pencils, 1 eraser, and 1 pen.

5. Take the necessary ID with you.

6. Listen carefully to all the instructions given before the test starts.

7. You can't take a watch inside the exam hall, and so you will have 1 clock in the exam hall.

8. It is critical to keep calm and be confident during the test.


1. Cheating or copying is not allowed.

2. There is no learning aide permitted in the test.

3. It is not authorized to take the test paper home.

4. If you continue writing after the invigilator has told you to stop, then your test will be invalid.

Tips for doing during IELTS test

There are some tips to take care of when you are attempting the IELTS test. These crucial tips will help you to improve your IELTS score substantially. We have divided these tips for you into modules so you can score well in every section.


1. Raise your hand if your headphones are not working.

2. If there are no headphones and the speaker volume is low, you should raise your hands.

3. Read the questions before the recording starts.

4. Listen more instead of trying to understand while listening.

5. Write short answers on question paper when listening.

6. Keep in mind the words needed for every question.

7. There will be 10 minutes after the recording has ended to transfer your answers and remember to check your spelling and grammar.

8. Experts advise writing answers in Capital Letters.


1. Go carefully through all the instructions and keep it clear the words needed for every answer.

2. If you can't answer a question, then move on to the next question without wasting time.

3. Write the answers on the answer sheet as there is no transfer time allowed.

4. Find the answers, and don't spend time reading the whole passage.

5. Always remember the time remaining.

6. The advice is to use all capital letters for your answers.


1. Stick to the time and spend 20 minutes on Task 1, and 40 minutes on Task 2.

2. Write more than the minimum word limit in Task 1 and Task 2.

3. While counting the words, it gets advised to calculate lines and estimate the word count.

4. It is most important to not leave the test without writing the conclusion for Task 2.

5. Check your spelling, and you can use both types of English, American or British.

6. Write relevant information regarding the subject only.

7. Ask for the paper by raising your hand if you run out of paper.

8. Don't remove any document from the exam room.


1. Remember, the interview is formal, and it is vital to be open and friendly.

2. Pay attention to the questions and be direct with the answers.

3. Add any information relevant to the answer and don't stop until the examiner tells you to.

4. Vocabulary covers only 25% of your score.

5. Don't get nervous if the examiner interrupts you; it's part of the IELTS exam.

6. For part 2, pen and paper will get provided for you to write cues. You are allowed to read from cues, but remember to make eye contact.


It is a big day for you when you get ready to sit down for your IELTS test. You have prepared so much, and slight nervousness can happen to the best of us. But it is essential to stay confident and do relaxing exercises to remain calm. Also, there is nothing to get stressed about if your IELTS test preparation got handled well.

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