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Factors That Can Improve Your IELTS Speaking

14 Apr 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Relax, it is just an exam! Easier said than done, right? If you are about to appear for your IELTS exam, we understand if you are freaking out a little. It is okay to be worried, mainly if you feel that you lack a particular skill that is required to appear for this exam. The IELTS exam typically consists of four modules, namely reading, writing, listing, and speaking. While most of the aspirants are comfortable with the first three modules, speaking is what they dread about. It may be because it requires you to answer the questions before an official. And he can ask you any question he wants depending upon your first answer. 

So, if you are among those who want to improve their IELTS speaking, we are here to help you. Here is all you can do for it:

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind While IELTS Speaking Test Preparation

When you appear for your IELTS speaking test, the examiner will grade you depending on four fundamental factors. There are:

•    Fluency and Coherence 

When appearing for your IELTS speaking test, you should always know what the right speed is. You must never talk too slow or too fast. Further, make sure that whatever you answer, your ideas are connected and form a clear picture. 

•    Grammar

From your word order to the tenses that you use, everything must be correct. Since the test is basically for testing your spoken English, this factor is quite essential. 

•    Vocabulary

Another crucial thing that you must consider before you appear for your IELTS speaking test is that you must have an excellent vocabulary. Also, you need to know how to use your words the right way. 

•    Pronunciation

Lastly, make sure that you know how to pronounce your words. The examiner must be able to understand whatever you speak without much effort. If he/she needs to concentrate a lot to understand what you speak, you are doing it wrong. 

Thus, when you opt for IELTS online test preparation, make sure that you pay attention to these in order to improve your score. 

Ebritishielts – Your One-Stop Solution for Online IELTS Test Preparation 

For those lacking the speaking skills for their IELTS speaking test, we offer a package where you can prepare for just the speaking module. Not only doing so is cost-effective, but you will get the best online coaching. You will be assigned a trainer with whom you can attend online sessions.

Further, the booking of the speaking slots is as per your convenience. Moreover, the video calls that you will attend will be quite beneficial. Our trainers will provide you with some of the best speaking tips and tricks. 

Things to Keep in Mind for The Test Day

•    Practice as Much as You Can

With active effort and practice, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. The same goes for your written and spoken English. For this, you can sign up for IELTS online test preparation with eBritishielts. We offer the best study material for all the modules of the IELTS test. When you practice with us daily, you are sure to Improve Your IELTS Speaking and achieve your desired score. 

•    Be Yourself

The day you appear for your IELTS speaking test, just try to be yourself. Be confident about whatever you speak and use emotion in your voice. It will help you with intonation. And you will be able to emphasize whatever is vital while you talk. 

•    Use Interesting Vocabulary

The use of slang and idioms will help you go a long way, and you are sure to achieve a great score in your exam. Further, apart from knowing new words, you must know how to use them the right way. 

•    Use Lots of Linking Words

In order to let your sentences flow, the use of linking words is important. But, also, moreover, and subsequently are some of the linking words that you can use. The list is quite long! Using them will not only improve your fluency and coherence but also let you gain brownie points for your vocabulary. 


Thus, an essential thing that you have to do for a good grade in your IELTS speaking test is to just be confident and speak your heart out. You can rely on eBritishielts to help you prepare for this. Be it your grammar or your sentence formation skills; with us, you are sure to improve all. 

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