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How to Turn the Coronavirus Crisis in Your Favor to Get an IELTS Band 8 Score?

07 Jul 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Did you know as per the federal Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino, Canada will need newcomers after the Coronavirus pandemic?

The same goes for various other English-speaking nations. So, this is the best time to turn the Coronavirus crisis in your favor and get IELTS Band 8 in your IELTS exam.

The Coronavirus Pandemic has led to the enforcement of travel bans and border shutdowns all across the globe. Further, with all the businesses shutting down except the essential services, more and more people are losing their jobs. This news has been a matter of concern for all the international aspirants too. However, we are here with good news – numerous countries will be needing skilled workers once the pandemic situation lightens up a bit.

How to Get IELTS Band 8 Amidst the Coronavirus Crisis?

The coronavirus outbreak has affected a lot of things, and preparation for IELTS is one of them. With everyplace shutting down, the same is the case for coaching centers. However, IELTS tests are taking place. In fact, IDP has even started computer-aided IELTS now. With it, you can easily appear for your IELTS exam.

However, the main concern here is how to prepare for IELTS during this crucial period? The answer is simple – with IELTS online coaching. Yes, shifting your preparation for IELTS online is the only way to turn the coronavirus crisis in your favor and get IELTS band 8. A band score as good as this will help you get into the institution of your dreams.

Thus, taking online IELTS classes is the best way to get IELTS Band 8 amidst the coronavirus period. With it, you can take your exam fully prepared. Now, the main question that arises is – which is the best IELTS online course?

Best IELTS Online Course to Get IELTS Band 8

If you are looking for IELTS online test general training or academic training, your wait is over. We present the best online IELTS platform for you – Ebritishielts. This IELTS online coaching portal has been in the market for years now and is helping aspirants achieve their desired score.

It was designed considering the need of those in mind who cannot take out time from their daily lives to prepare for IELTS. These people range from homemakers and office going folks to some students. Ebritishielts enables such people to prepare for IELTS at the convenience of their space and time.

How Can You Achieve That IELTS Band 8 Score with Ebritishielts?

Ebritishielts – a platform for online IELTS classes, understands the significance of IELTS preparation during the coronavirus crisis. Also, to make it easier for people to enroll in our programs, we offer regular discount codes. You can make use of them while making your payment and get some unbelievable discounts on your desired IELTS online coaching module.

Now, take a look at how our online IELTS classes work:

Step 1: Take the Free Level Assessment Test

To get yourself enrolled in the IELTS online coaching with ebritishielts, you need to take our free level-assessment test. It is specially designed to check your skill set in the English language. When you take this test, you will be accessed on a score between 0 to 10. And this very score will help our team in picking out the most suitable IELTS packages for you.

Step 2: Choose the Free Demo

After taking the free level-assessment test, you do not have to straight away buy our product. In order to let you understand our packages better, we offer a one-day free demo package. This package will give an insight into how ebritishielts will help you get IELTS Band 8 or your desired score.

Step 3: Select an Online IELTS Package

The next step involves choosing the package you desire. Of course, you will get suggestions from our side. However, the final program choice is up to you. So, you get to choose between basic, intermediate, and professional-level IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training programs. In case you feel that you lack only a particular section of IELTS, you can even choose our single modules, and polish your skills.

Step 4: Start Your IELTS Preparation Journey to Get IELTS Band 8

After you pay for the package you want, you can start your online IELTS classes and prepare for that IELTS Band 8 score. The study material of all the modules of IELTS will be uploaded on to your control panel, and you can use it 24/7 for the time of your subscription. Here is an in-depth view of all the four modules of IELTS that you get to prepare with us:

  • Reading

With ebritishielts, you will never fall short of your reading practice test material. If you follow it thoroughly, you can readily get IELTS Band 8 in the IELTS reading test. After you attempt any of your tests, the corrections in it will be made without any delay.

  • Writing

For your IELTS writing test preparation, all the writing tasks are preloaded on the dashboard. You have to solve them on a piece of paper and then upload its picture using our mobile app. Within no time, you will get the corrected answer sheet with suggestions for your improvement.

  • Listening

Further, for your IELTS listening module, you will get numerous recordings. Get a quality pair of headphones, listen to them, and attempt your test.

  • Speaking

You can schedule live speaking slots with us for your IELTS speaking test practice. We will make sure that the time-slot is as per your convenience. Also, we give a reminder for these sessions fifteen minutes before they start.


With all this in hand, you can readily get IELTS band 8 when you appear for your IELTS exam and thereby turn the coronavirus crisis in your favor. This way, once the crisis is over, you can easily immigrate to the country of your dreams. So, what are you waiting for? Start your preparation for IELTS now!

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