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How Online IELTS Coaching Works with ebritishielts.com?

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Appearing for IELTS is the essential criteria for those who wish to study or settle abroad. This testing system is specially designed to check the English language proficiency of such candidates. Further, numerous people appear for this exam every year. And to ace it, professional help is what most individuals rely on.

There are multiple IELTS training institutes out there that offer tall claims regarding the improvement of your IELTS score. While some of these may be true, not everyone has the time and energy to take out hours for these centers. It is where online IELTS training by ebritishielts will come to your rescue.

Here is a comprehensive guide of how online IELTS coaching works with ebritishielts.com:

How ebritishielts.com Works?

Understanding the dilemmas of working professionals, students, and homemakers who cannot take out time from their ever-day busy life, ebritishielts offers the best IELTS online coaching. We know how the advancement of technology can work wonders today. Thus, by combining this with the top-notch teaching skills of our team, we help you achieve a band score that is sure to help you fulfill your overseas dream.

Have a look at how our online IELTS training works:

1. Level Assessment

To start with, we offer a free assessment test for all our visitors. For this, we will provide you with a short English language test. Your answers will help us know about your level of English.

2. Offering the Best IELTS Course for You

Once you are done with taking our assessment test, our experts at ebritishielts find the right package as per your needs. You can purchase this package. Further, after the processing of your payment, you will get the login details of your portal.

3. Starting IELTS Coaching from Home

On the portal, you will find all the test papers for Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing modules. Also, we have an orientation video ready for you. It will help you understand our online IELTS training program. Thus, we advise you to watch it first before you jump to your practice sessions.

4. 3-DayDemo Package

Before you decide to continue with us, we offer a three-day demo package. It will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our product. In case you are not, our refund policy is quite simple and straightforward.

  • Reading

Reading Test

With ebritishielts, you will never run out of your reading practice test material, ever again. You will have plenty of passages that you can read. Along with this, there will some questions related to these on the screen. After you attempt these, you can save your answers. Also, we will correct all of them without delay.

  • Writing

Writing Task

Just like your reading practice tests, you will find your writing tasks, 1 and 2, preloaded on the dashboard. When you sit to solve these, all you need to do is to refer to the questions and jot down your answers on a paper. Further, after the completion of this, you will have to upload a picture of your answer sheet using our application. Our teachers will make all the necessary corrections in these and revert to you. Moreover, you will be able to see the errors circled in red along with corresponding suggestions.

  • Listening

Listening Test

For the listening module of your IELTS test, the ebritishielts online IELTS training program offers you several listening tapes. They again have been added to the portal. To practice this, you need to grab a pair of quality headphones. Also, we advise you to listen to this in a quiet corner so that you can focus entirely on your preparation. You also need to keep a notepad handy to make notes while you listen. These will further help you solve the questions that will appear on your screen.

  • Speaking

Speaking is another module of the IELTS test that candidates struggle a lot in. Thus, during IELTS coaching from home, it is crucial to focus on it. Understanding this, we organize live speaking sessions with trainers for you. Once you opt for your course with ebritishielts, we will book speaking slots for you. Also, we make sure to do this at your convenience. Along with this, you will know about various tips and tricks for this module. And all of this will happen over a video call.

5. Round the Clock Support

All our practice tests, along with real-time feedback, ensure that your progress during our online IELTS training is super-fast. Further, our live chat feature guarantees round the clock assistance from ebritishielts expert trainers. So, if you get stuck at a time, you need not worry. We are just a click away!

eBritishielts Key Features at a Glance

  • Free English level assessment
  • Trouble-free enrollment
  • 3-Day Demo Package
  • Interaction with IELTS experts
  • Daily IELTS study material
  • Real-time feedback of submitted tests/answers
  • One-on-one Speaking session
  • Doubt clearing session
  • Weekly progress report


With ebritishielts.com, you can prepare for your IELTS exam without worry. For this, we offer you an online IELTS training platform from the comfort of your home. Also, you will never face any issues during your preparation with us. Your journey to achieving your target IELTS score is just one step away!

How we work - eBritish IELTS

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