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How To Prepare For IELTS Writing Exam?

09 Dec 2019 Administrator . 0 General

The struggle with the writing in IELTS exam is a well-documented fact by now. Many times it has been observed that people get an eight-band score in listening, reading and even speaking, but writing brings the score down, sometimes by quite a bit.

Why is writing the most hardened module?

Here is the fact that even seasoned writers in the English language will concede; writing is not the easiest do exactly in its intended form. Any essay needs an introduction to the topic, a sequence of valuable information and no grammatical mistakes. The structure of the whole essay and the proper headlines add to the appeal. Otherwise, there is not much of a point.

These requirements are not easy to fulfill for most as writing in the English language is not a regular activity for them. Language is not a high priority there, and hence, when suddenly the person has to attempt the writing module in the IELTS test, it poses quite a bit of challenge. 

Then comes the intent of the question that needs answering. The number of words also matter a lot, as they shouldn’t cross the limit and neither can they be below the minimum. The use of words has to make sense too.

The best way to get a high band score in IELTS writing

The start to score a top band score in writing will begin with a firm grasp on the structure of the writing module in IELTS. Here is the brief explanation of the structure of IELTS writing below and some suggestions to best attempt them for a high band score:-

  •   Academic Writing Test is for students going abroad for further studies.
  •   General Writing is for professionals aiming to find employment abroad.
  •   There is a total of sixty minutes for the writing module in both categories.

Task 1

  •  Writing task 1 in Academic Writing is a task that involves one or two visuals, like a company report to submit to a supervisor. 
  •   Writing tasks in General Writing is writing a letter wither requesting information or explaining a situation.
  •   You see the visuals and submit a report with a minimum of 150 words in 20 minutes.

How to get the high band score in Academic Writing Task 1?

  •   Academic Writing Task 1 of IELTS test is more like a report and hence avoid putting your personal opinion in the essay at all costs.
  •   A high band score is generally expected to have four paragraphs. Let’s go through these paragraphs one by one in the points below.
  •   The first paragraph is a basic description of the visuals. In case of confusion, paraphrase the information with as much unique vocabulary as possible. But it should fit the context of the data.
  •   The second paragraph should be an overview of the vital information from the visuals. It is not time yet for details, and so, a simple description of a few statistics is all you need.
  •   The final two paragraphs are where you fill in the critical information before you conclude your overall description. You will give a brief look at the visuals and numbers from section two related to your point.
  •   The focus of the task is to identify the most relevant information. To provide a well organized overall view using a language accurate for an academic environment, and the context of the subject in the visuals.


How to get a high band score in General Writing Task 1?

  •   General writing Task 1 in IELTS is about writing a letter about a semi-formal or an official purpose.
  • Correctly read and understand the meaning behind writing the letter.
  •   It is critical to recognize whether it is a formal or informal letter.
  •   Have a proper beginning and end to the letter.
  •   Maintain a consistent tone and cover key bullet points.
  •   Use a variety of vocabulary and grammatical structures. 


IELTS Writing task 2: Academic / General

  •  Writing task 2 in Academic Writing is a 250 words essay type of question where you asked to present an opinion for or against an idea in 40 minutes.
  •  Academic writing focuses on an academic or semi-formal topic from society.
  • General writing is about a semi-formal or neutral discursive way.
  • The writing task 2 for both the academic and general task is a minimum 250-word essay and only differs in the level of difficulty.
  • The essay question in general task is considered simpler and is about a general topic from daily life.
  • The essay question in an academic assignment is about a more complicated and complex issue.


How to get the high band score in Writing Task 2?

  • For the writing task 2, a 5 paragraph is the general recommendation to answer the question and get a high band score accurately.
  • The first paragraph has to be the general introduction to the topic, followed the body of three sections and the conclusion in the end.
  • It is suggested to keep the openings pretty short and not over-explain the basic concept of the topic like the primary intent of the answer and necessary information.
  • The body, which is three paragraphs is vital to the whole essay. The topic sentence should state the content of the section and follow by the evidence supporting that point of the sentence.
  • The conclusion should be pretty simple and not something to over-think about in the end. Summarize the main points of your arguments in more three lines at best. 

Why is online training better than offline training?

The traditional model for IELTS test preparation has been offline training coaching centers. But there have developed some very glaring reasons are now driving people away from the daily hassle of travel. Let’s list down a few distinct advantages in favor of online training:-

  • You have the freedom to sit anywhere with your laptop and internet connection to train online.
  • Plenty of time and money gets saved in traveling back and forth between your residence, and the training center.
  • The daily hassle of travel through traffic and hustle, and bustle of the city gets avoided.


How will eBritish IELTS help you score high in IELTS writing?

Online training is proving their worth against offline training. Initiatives like eBritish IELTS are changing the big picture slowly but steadily. It has begun a change and brought on students to give them the facility to learn from anywhere when preparing for the IELTS exam.


eBritish IELTS has

- Experience trainers who have taught for many years at the offline center called British IELTS.

- It has three different packages for your needs and budget.

- The four modules are available as training packages if you wish to invest more time in any particular module you think you need more work or practice. More practice means more comfort with the test pattern, and that will only increase your band score.

- You will get regular feedback from the trainers after every test about your progress.


Writing Test practice is very vital to not just get a high band score in the writing module but the IELTS exam too. Many students have also cited the writing module as the most hardened module in the IELTS exam. Understanding this, eBritish IELTS has designed three packages and a specialized writing module to remove that worry from a student’s mind.