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What is the Difference Between Live Zoom Classes and Preparing with eBritishielts

22 Jul 2021 Administrator . 0 General

Earlier, when students had to prepare for the IELTS exam, their most common dilemma was to choose between online IELTS training or offline classroom teaching for IELTS. However, since last year, things have changed rapidly. With the coronavirus still in the picture, people now prefer to opt for the online mode of IELTS preparation.

After all, this helps them prepare for their exam well and also assists them in staying safe at home. A platform that numerous students are choosing these days for their online IELTS preparation is eBritishielts. It is possible to prepare for the IELTS exam online with eBritishielts easily and at an affordable price.

Then again, with the introduction of zoom classes, most aspirants wonder if they should choose them over IELTS preparation with eBritishielts. After all, these too fall under the category of online IELTS training. If you are stuck between this thought, we are here to sort everything out for you. By the end of today's post, you will be able to find out the difference between zoom live and eBritishielts.

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Prepare for IELTS Exam Online with eBritishielts.

For anyone who wishes to give an IELTS test these days, IELTS preparation online is the best solution given the present circumstances. Now, with numerous platforms offering classes for this, why should one choose to prepare for the IELTS exam online with eBritishielts?

After all, you can simply choose a live zoom class too. The answer is simple while a live zoom class may have a teacher guiding you, online IELTS training with eBritishielts can provide you much more than that.

For instance, the students attending any IELTS online live classes with eBritishielts are free to ask any question to the teacher, and they can be assured that their questions will be answered. Also, the teachers make special efforts to ensure that all the doubts of the students are cleared.

What Are Live Zoom Classes?

Now, before moving further on why it is best to prepare for the IELTS exam online with eBritishielts, let us first see what a live zoom class actually is. These are nothing but synchronous class sessions. In these sessions, everyone logs in to a web conferencing system (here Zoom) at a pre-scheduled time and attends a class.

In simpler words, when it comes to IELTS preparation, these can be just like all other live IELTS classes. But then what makes online IELTS training with eBritishielts better than these? In order to know the answer to this, read ahead.

What is Online IELTS Training with eBritishielts?

Like live zoom classes, you can attend live discussions and live events with eBritishielts, as well. However, these live sessions are not where it all ends. With this platform, you get a lot more than that. Before telling you about these additions, let us tell you a bit about eBritishielts. This is an online IELTS training platform that is specially designed for those individuals who wish to prepare for IELTS from home.

The makers of the platform have ensured that their students get a similar level of preparation like offline IELTS with even better conditions. A noticeable fact about preparing for IELTS this way is that you get one-on-one attention from your assigned IELTS expert that is not possible in classroom teaching.

Why Should You Prepare for IELTS Exam Online with eBritishielts?

Here are the reasons for you to prepare with eBritishielts. Have a look:

IELTS Online Live Classes with eBritishielts Are Better!

When you attend a live Zoom class for IELTS preparation, you attend it with numerous other students. Also, there is no guarantee that the questions you ask here will be answered. It all depends on the time the teacher has the questions she chooses to answer. While eBritishielts also conducts free live discussions and live events for students, these are much better.

In our free live discussion session, you are free to ask whatever questions you want from the teacher conducting it. They will make it a point to adhere to all your queries and will make sure that by the end of the live session, all your doubts are cleared. Further, for the live events that take place on their YouTube channel, you can do the same by asking questions in the comments section.

And do you know what the best part is? You do not have to pay a single penny to attend these live sessions. Irrespective of whether you are enrolled with eBritishielts or not, you are eligible to be a part of these. You just need to sign up with eBritishielts for free to ensure that you never miss a live discussion or live event.

You Get Free Access to Videos On eBritishielts YouTube Channel

Another reason why you must prepare for the IELTS exam online with eBritishielts is its YouTube channel. All the live events that take place here are uploaded permanently on the channel for students to view on the go. Further, there are occasional other videos, as well, that are focused on solving the queries of the students.

There is Continuous Guidance from Experts

When you decide to enroll with eBritishielts and select your desired package, you will be assigned a teacher to help you out throughout your journey. The students can connect to the teacher anytime they want and get their doubts cleared. With constant guidance from the teacher, you will never have to wait until the next day to know something.

A Plenty of Practice Tests Are Available on The Dashboard

Along with all the free live events, discussions, convenient learning, and guidance from experts, their practice tests are another thing that may make you want to prepare for the IELTS exam online with eBritishielts. Once you purchase any package with this platform, a plethora of tests for all the modules are added to your dashboard.

The students can access these tests for the reading, writing, and listening modules anytime they want – 24/7. All of the tests, once complete, are to be submitted to the teacher, and they will evaluate them in no time. As for the speaking sessions, students can book them as they like and get to learn from the experts. This is how online IELTS preparation with eBritishielts works:

How we work - eBritish IELTS

Final Words

So, this is all you should know about live zoom classes and online IELTS training with eBritishielts. By now, we are confident you must have realized why you should prefer to prepare for the IELTS exam online with eBritishielts. What are you waiting for? Sign up with eBritishielts now and take their free level assessment test to get started on your road to IELTS. All the best!

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