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11 IELTS Test Myths That Roam in The Air

04 Jun 2021 Administrator . 0 General

The IELTS test is a crucial test for anyone who wants to opt for international education. This exam is viewed as the most reliable, best organized, and widely accepted assessment of one’s proficiency in the English language. While it can be challenging to score a higher band in the exam, doing so is not impossible.

However, we often come across people stating how impossible it is to crack IELTS with your desired score. One can come across such “False IELTS Myths” readily these days. And these do not end here. There are plenty of them roaming in the air and can misguide you with your IELTS preparation. In order to ensure you do not face the same, we are here to debunk all these myths.

Let us get started:

Top IELTS Myths You Should Steer Clear Of

Here are the most-heard IELTS myths you must know about:

Myth 1: It is nearly impossible to qualify for IELTS.

Qualifying through IELTS might be tough for most of the aspirants. However, it is not impossible. The challenge students face because the IELTS exam is meant to test their proficiency in the language. After all, it is the most accepted test for English worldwide. 

In order to crack IELTS with your desired IELTS band score, the best way is to opt for an online IELTS training program. Also, make sure to stay away from this IELTS myth and prepare for it with utmost dedication.

Myth 2: Non-native speakers cannot get a good score in IELTS.

This again is one of the myths about public speaking and IELTS mentor that you must not pay heed to. Also, this IELTS myth does not match the data of thousands of young aspirants that are able to get a good score in IELTS despite being from a non-native country.

Of course, these students have to opt for the best IELTS coaching online or offline and prepare for the exam well. But this little hard work can easily help them get 8/8.5 or even a perfect 9 IELTS band score.

Myth 3: You can score high only if you appear from your home country. 

It is true that candidates mostly sit for the IELTS test from their home center. However, this IELTS myth isn’t correct. What if there is no test center where you live? Sure, sitting in a foreign test center can make you nervous, but if you perform well, you are sure to get your desired band score in every IELTS module.

Myth 4: Always write more to score more.

This is again a silly IELTS myth. In fact, students must always stick to the word limit. If you take up IELTS training somewhere and refer to the practice tests, you will know how important sticking to the limit is for this exam. You need to be specific with your answers in the IELTS Reading and Listening modules. Thus, the creation myth for IELTS reading answers is a waste of time. Even for the writing module, follow the instructions.

Myth 5: If you want to score more in the speaking module, try making the examiner laugh.

Sorry, but that’s not true like the creativity myth for IELTS! When you appear for the speaking test, you just need to make sure of your appearance and be at ease while answering the questions. Sure, a pleasant smile shows you are not nervous but making the examiner laugh will do no good. Therefore, before you sit for the speaking test, make sure to practice with an expert. For this, you can book a speaking session with eBritishielts.

Myth 6: You need to have an American or British accent to score better.

When it comes to the IELTS Speaking test, most students think that they will score better if they have a native accent. In reality, it is all but an IELTS myth. You do not need to have an American or any other accent in order to ace the Speaking test. You only should be clear, perfect, and unbiased in whatever accent you speak. Do not try to copy an accent.

Myth 7: Never disagree with the examiner’s opinion.

This is again another IELT myth one must steer clear of. During the speaking test, if you are asked about your opinion, express it and have supporting reasons. Never try to guess which opinion would please the examiner. Instead, focus on your accuracy in grammar, perfection in constructing sentences, and your reasons for that particular opinion.

Myth 8: Only practicing questions of previous tests is sufficient.

The creation myth for IELTS reading answers that you do not need creativity for IELTS. The same is true for previous year’s answers. While you may benefit from the previous year’s questions, you cannot simply rely on only them. What if there are no similar questions that come for your IELTS exam? Instead of regretting listening to this IELTS myth later, enroll with a good IELTS training program, and make sure to practice as much as you can.

Myth 9: You can cheat in the IELTS exam.

Again, not true! It is impossible to cheat in the IELTS exam. In fact, the test is designed in such a manner that no aspirant can cheat in it. Also, if you get caught, you cannot give the test again. So, instead of thinking of ways to cheat, focus on your IELTS preparation online.

Myth 10: Offline coaching is better than IELTS online training.

Absolutely not! Neither of them can be called better. It depends on the candidate preparing for the IELTS exam. However, most students find online IELTS preparation much more convenient than classroom teaching. There’s a reason for it! With it, you can prepare for the IELTS exam from any place and anytime. Further, along with saving time, it is cost-effective too.

Myth 11: An IELTS band score less than 7 is not acceptable.

Again, this is a silly IELTS myth that you must not pay attention to. While an IELTS score of 7 and above can open a lot of opportunities for you, there are numerous institutions out there that accept a lower score. Also, the IELTS test has no pass-fail system. So, even if you get a band 5, you will have cleared the test.

Final Thoughts

These were only a part of the IELTS myths that float in the air. There are numerous other myths you can come across like myths about public speaking and IELTS reading answers. However, always keep in mind that they are nothing but rumors. So, instead of focusing on them, prepare for the IELTS test with your jam-packed potential. After all, it is the key to fulfill your future international aspirations.

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