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Prepare for IELTS Video Call Speaking Test with eBritishielts.

08 Jul 2021 Administrator . 0 General

IELTS [International English Learning Test System] is a global English proficiency test. Anyone who wishes to study, migrate, or work abroad needs to take this test. It is because the test is one of the standard exams that most organizations, colleges, and universities accept. It is even true for the top institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Germany.

Now, this test consists of four modules – Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. While the three of them occur on paper or on the computer (in the case of CD IELTS), the same is not the case with the speaking test. It is; therefore, most students look out for the best IELTS online coaching that can help them with it. 

Another thing you should know is that while earlier the speaking test occurred in-person, now there is also the IELTS video call speaking test. In this post today, you will learn all about it and how you can prepare for the video call speaking IELTS. Let the scrolling begin.

What is the IELTS Video Call Speaking Test?

Any IELTS aspirant might know that the IELTS speaking test earlier took place in the form of an in-person interview. Now, the test takers will have to take this test on a video call. Of course, just like earlier, it will occur at an official IELTS test center and with a similarly high standard of identity verification.

The only difference is that now it will be delivered via a video call by an expert IELTS Speaking examiner. The purpose of this IELTS video call speaking test is to make the process easier along with maintaining the same real-life, real-time, two-way interaction. 

In simple words, this video-call Speaking test for IELTS will be exactly the same as the in-person Speaking test. It is especially true when you talk in terms of content, question format, timing, scoring, and security arrangements. Therefore, just like the in-person IELTS speaking, you will have to keep the following in mind for this one too:

Why Choose the IELTS Video Call Speaking Test?

If you are an aspirant who is a resident of a geographically remote area, the IELTS-speaking video call option is for you. This high-quality online video conference will give you a comfortable facility to complete your test like you would in an in-person speaking test. Considering how numerous IELTS aspirants all across the globe live in remote areas, this is the best IELTS could have come up with.

What Is the Procedure for the IELTS Video Call Speaking Test?

If you are opting for the IELTS video call speaking test, knowing its procedure is crucial for you. Once you opt for it, an IELTS team member will guide you to the video-calling room. Here, you will have to verify your documents and your identity first. After this verification process, you will be given a pair of noiseless headsets.

Students need to put it on. After this, they can converse with an evaluator in some other test center. During this, you need to perform just like in an offline test. For instance, keep in mind the words to avoid in IELTS speaking, take care of your vocabulary, and make sure you speak confidently. During the entire session, you will face no problems or disturbances. In fact, it will be almost like talking to a person in real life.

How to Prepare for IELTS Video Call Speaking Test with eBritishielts?

With the introduction of the IELTS video call speaking test, most students are wondering how they will be able to prepare for it. The answer is simple – find out the best IELTS online coaching website. You can also look for the best YouTube channels for IELTS preparation. One platform that provides both is eBritishielts.

It is an online IELTS preparation portal that is specially designed for those who cannot opt for offline coaching. The website is helping a lot of aspirants during the pandemic to fulfill their international dreams from home. Now, when it comes to speaking test preparation with them, you must know that everything occurs online.

You will have to book a one-on-one speaking session with an expert and then appear for it. On the day of the session, you need to sit in a silent corner, find a good pair of headphones, and practice with the teacher. In case you have read the procedure for the IELTS video call speaking test above, it is almost the same.

Therefore, when you book an IELTS  speaking session with eBritishielts, you will get to prepare for your video call IELTS test in a similar way like the exam is conducted. Isn’t it great? Apart from this, at the end of the session, the teacher will give you tips on how to improve your skills. You can book as many speaking sessions as you want until you improve. The best part is – you will not have to learn in groups!

Here is how online IELTS training works with eBritishielts:

How we work - eBritish IELTS

Tips For IELTS Video Call Speaking Test Day From eBritishielts Experts

On the video call speaking test day:

  • Make sure to arrive at your test center at least 30 minutes before your test.

  • Always bring your valid Identification Document (ID) you registered with.

  • Do not be nervous, and remember you will be expected to wear a headset.

  • Expect secure, fast connections, crystal clear sound, and real-life conversation.

During the video call speaking test:

  • Make sure to be confident and speak clearly all the time.

  • If you cannot hear what the Examiner is saying, make sure to tell him/her.

  • Avoid touching anything on the table unless asked by the Examiner.

  • To have the best sound quality, avoid touching your face, mouth, or any stationery items during the test.

  • Remember that the topic for Part 2 of the test will appear on your screen.

  • You can make notes for this Part 2 topic at the given time.

  • In case you do not understand anything, ring the bell on your table for any help from the invigilator.

  • Do not end the connection yourself. The Examiner will tell you when your test finishes, and then the connection will end.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, the IELTS video call speaking test is quite similar to the offline speaking test. The only difference is that the former occurs over a video call, and the offline one occurs in person. eBritishielts is the best platform to prepare for both. Here, you will not have to prepare in large groups. Instead, you will get one-on-one attention. What are you waiting for? Book your speaking session with eBritishielts now!

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