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How to Attempt the IELTS Writing Test with Ebritishielts?

13 Aug 2020 Administrator . 0 General

For those who aspire to settle or study abroad, appearing for IELTS is a necessary criterion. This International English Language Testing System is divided into four modules - Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking. If you are here, the IELTS Writing test is what you might be struggling in, like most of the IELTS aspirants. And why not? It is the most crucial module of the IELTS exam.

So, we are here with our detailed guide to help you understand how it works with ebritishielts. Have a look:

Prerequisites to Attempt IELTS Writing Test

In order to attempt your IELTS Writing Test with Ebritishielts, make sure that you have the following:

·   Your desired IELTS package

·   A quiet corner to attempt the test

·   Pen and paper

·   PC/Laptop

·   Ebritishielts Android App

Once you have all these handy, you can start with attempting your writing test by following these simple seven steps:

Steps to Attempt IELTS Writing Test with Ebritishielts

Step 1: Getting Started with Ebritishielts

·   To start with, take our free level assessment test and choose your desired IELTS package.

·   After you pay for it, all the tests are activated on the Dashboard.

Step 2: Reaching the IELTS Writing Test on the Dashboard


·   Sign in to your ebritishielts account, and you will be directed to the Dashboard.

·   On the left side menu, click on 'Tests' followed by 'Writing.'

Step 3: Start Your Writing Test

·   You will be directed to a number of writing tests. To get started, choose your first test by clicking on the 'eye icon.' 

·   Then, click on the 'Start Test' button.

·   Writing tasks 1 and 2 will appear on the right side of your screen. 

Note: Once you start your test, make sure to complete it. If you close the window without submitting your answers, the test will be considered as Null. As a case, no correction, marking, and checking will be done by the assigned teacher.

Step 4: Attempt the Writing Tasks


·   After going through the questions, attempt the test on a piece of paper.

·   Also, keep in mind the given time, word limit, and other instructions.

Step 5: Upload Writing Task Images

Once done with your test, capture an image of the same to submit it to the teacher for correction. You can do so using the two methods given below:

Method 1: Upload Using the Ebritishielts Android App

·   Download the ebritishielts Android app in your Android phone from Google Play store. You can simply type "ebritishielts" to search the app or follow the following link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.org.ebritishielts.

·   Login to your ebritishielts' account in the app.

·   Enter the test ID. You can find it on the Dashboard from where you started your test.

·   After this, upload the picture of your essay for corrections. These can be up to five images for the two writing tasks in your test. Also, you can drag and drop these images to realign them. 

Method 2: Upload Using PC or Laptop

·   In case you don't own an Android phone, there isn't much to worry about. You can simply transfer the pictures to your PC or Laptop from your cell phone and upload them from there.

·   Here again, you can upload a maximum of 5 photos and use the drag and drop method to reorder them.

Note: Make sure that the answer images are clear enough for the teacher to read it and make corrections.

Step 6: Submit the Uploaded Images to The Teacher

·   Lastly, click on the "Proceed to Save" option to review your uploaded images.

·   After you are satisfied with the photos, and they are in proper order, you can submit your writing test using the "Submit to Teacher" button.

Step 7: Wait for The Corrections

·   Within no time, your assigned teacher will check your submitted test.

·   When you receive the corrected test, the mistakes will be marked in red, and you will receive corresponding suggestions to help you improve your writing.


So, this is how you can attempt your IELTS writing test with ebritishielts. Apart from this, you can also practice for your Reading and listening tests. As per the IELTS speaking test is concerned, you can book a session with our expert trainers for it. And all this will happen as per your convenience. From IELTS beginner and intermediate to IELTS advanced General Training and Academic packages, you can get all at ebritishielts.com. Also, you can opt for our single IELTS modules. Happy learning!

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