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Improve your English skills online to crack IELTS exam

25 Nov 2019 Administrator . 0 General

If you are living in a country where English is not your mother tongue, then the chances are that you lack English language skills. Most people can do fine with basic English, but if you are preparing for an exam like IELTS, then significant improvement is necessary.

It could seem a mammoth task, especially when you are preparing for IELTS from home, but times have changed. There are several exercises you are advised to do from home or on the move to improve your levels of English language that make it's a cakewalk to crack the IELTS exam.

Online exercises to improve English

English has four different aspects which are reading, writing, listening, and speaking. All four parts need to be worked upon to get better in the language and better your chances of cracking the IELTS exam. There are some exercises now available online to help you to improve your English.

Let's approach the task one by one addressing each part of English. Let's start with writing since it is the part that is the weakest in the IELTS exam for the majority of the students. Written below are these steps to take for getting that level of English:-


Having excellent writing skills is a tool that no IELTS test taker can do much if they want to do to get a good IELTS band score. But that is an achievement that does not come easy even to native speakers of the language.

You need to:-

1. Extensive reading

There is saying well worth every word, 'You can't write if you don't write.' Every expert in the language will attest to the fact that the best writers are often enthusiastic readers. You can start with the material at your current level and slowly improve with new challenges every other week or so.

2. Vocabulary and Grammar

Keep reading and noting down vocabulary to include in your writing. The other critical aspect of English is grammar. It can sound burning and too much to handle but break down the grammar lessons to soften the blow for you.

3. Get feedback from a native speaker

The best way to learn is also to keep practicing in writing and get feedback from a native speaker of the English language. The significant part about that is many online IELTS training institutes have certified teachers to help you do just that.


Reading is also a very integral part of the language and the IELTS test. For students, whom English language is not fluent, reading correctly in all kinds of materials can be a little challenge. You can follow a few steps to be a good reader like:-

1. Get reading material for proper reading

When improving your English, it is wise to keep your reading list as extensive as possible. Be it books, magazines, newspapers, or online blogs of different kinds to expand your horizons. Read the material as many times as likely to properly get the meaning.

2. Find a proper schedule & place 

Reading is an activity you can't engage in a crowded place. You need a place to concentrate where you can get some quiet, or else there will be interruptions. Also, keep a definite schedule for reading to keep the pace of improvement steady.

3. Keep a notepad & pencil

Whenever you read, especially when you are new, you will find new words every time you read. You may not know the proper meaning, and so it is practical to note down these words for your info. The more you do this activity, the more you learn about them to prepare for the IELTS exam properly.


After writing, listening is another part that challenges many students. The biggest reason is that most students are not used to listen to English regularly. The following tips can help you with that problem:-

1. Learn to listen

There is a perfect chance you did not get the opportunity to listen to English much. So, you don't have the clarity to listen appropriately to different accents, which you need to remedy with podcasts, movies, speeches, lectures, and interviews from different countries.

2. Read and listen

The Internet provides many facilities. You can find the script for your favorite movie, TV show, and your book. Get the audio version to hear at the same time as you read. This activity can significantly help you to understand the pronunciation of many words.

3. Surround in English

To keep a regular dose of the English language becomes compulsory when preparing for the IELTS exam. When you speak with someone proficient in English subconsciously, your level in the language also improves. It is a well-trusted way to a better listener in English.


Speaking efficiently also becomes a challenge for many non-native English speakers. Most of these students rarely talk in English, and thus they stutter when they try to talk in English. A few steps can remedy that:-

1. Start thinking in English

The biggest hurdle to many students is that they don't think in English. They then translate their thoughts into the language. This process becomes a big problem in speaking English fluently. It is a difficult switch, but critical and practice make it possible.

2. Talk in the mirror

This exercise can look funny to many students, but you will learn its importance when you practice daily in such a manner. You learn to judge your expressions and mannerisms, and with time work on them. Try different topics to daily gauge your improvement.

3. Tongue twisters

Tongue twisters are a unique and fun way of getting over your speaking hiccups. Here is a popular one, 'Susie works in a shoeshine shop. Where she shines, she sits, and where she sits, she shines.' Say that a couple of times and find some more to practice.

How can eBritish IELTS help you crack the IELTS exam?

eBritish IELTS is a premier online IELTS training platform that can help you prepare for the IELTS exam with comprehensive packages. These packages have been designed to keep student's comfort as per their level in the English language. 

Written below is a brief explanation:-

- Three unique packages are starting from the basic level of English to the best as per your assessment. Although if you are not sure of your level, you can take the 'Free assessment test' on the home page.

-The three packages are:-

1. Basic

For those students, who make a lot of mistakes and have beginners level.

  • Six weeks of intensive preparation costing 7999 rupees.
  • 24 tests of each module for practice
  • You are free to doubt clearing and speaking sessions for better clarity

2. Intermediate

For those who have a moderate level of English

  • Four weeks of course material for all the modules costing 6499 rupees
  • 16 tests of each module for practice
  • You are free to book an interactive session

3. Professional

For those whose English is up to the mark but need formal practice

  • Two weeks of course material for all modules costing 4999 rupees
  • Eight tests of each module for practice
  • Teachers available for consultation

Also, every module is available as an add on package with the price

- Reading - Rs. 2499

- Writing - Rs. 3499

- Listening - Rs.2499

- Speaking - Rs.3499


IELTS is one of the most in-demand tests worldwide to prove your English efficiency. It is a test that you can not take lightly, and taking the above-written steps can significantly help you in your preparations. But instead of going to a coaching institute, you can also opt to improve your English skills online with a trusted name like eBritish IELTS is a sure shot way to guarantee your success.

How we work - eBritish IELTS

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