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Is Coronavirus Affecting Your IELTS Preparation? Study for IELTS from Your Home !

19 Mar 2020 Administrator . 0 General

The IELTS examination is an English Language proficiency test that you must pass if you wish to study or settle abroad. Numerous people give this test each year. And to ace this, you need to prepare well in advance. Further, for this, relying on IELTS Training programs is the best option. 

However, the rapidly spreading Coronavirus has led to the closing of almost all education institutes out there. Thus, finding an IELTS Training center at this time can be quite a task. It is where you will have to turn to IELTS preparation from home. Here is all you must know about it:

Possibility of IELTS Preparation from Home

Most of the aspirants turn to coaching centers when it comes to the preparation for IELTS. However, with the Coronavirus outbreak, IELTS online test preparation is the need of the hour. The chaos that this dangerous ailment is causing will hopefully clear out soon. However, after it, you will not have much time to prepare for your IELTS academic test. 

Thus, signing up for a good IELTS Training program is an excellent idea. Also, IELTS preparation from home is quite easy these days due to the following factors:

  • Low Cost and High Speed of Internet
  • Increasing Internet Penetration
  • Awareness among People
  • Easy Accessibility to Smart Phones and Laptops. 

Things IELTS Online Programs Offer

Online IELTS programs are a great way to save time and money. Further, with the damage that the novel Coronavirus is causing, these have appeared as a useful alternative for all IELTS aspirants. Young students can rely on this method to clear their exams and get selected in the next intake. Here is all that these online programs offer:

1. Reading Module

The reading module of the online IELTS training tests usually has training tests for practice. Also, these are time-bound. These ensure that you practice proper time management for the day of your exam. And the best part, you will get instant feedback about the attempt that you make on the reading passages.

2. Writing Module

Another module in the IELTS examination is writing. Do not let Coronavirus hinder the preparation of this part by signing up for IELTS Training online. Once you do this, you will get various sets of writing tests. 

Further, various online programs offer different methods for solving it. For example, in the case of eBritish IELTS, after you solve your test, you just have to take a picture of it and upload it using their app. After this, they will provide you with a detailed analysis of your attempt. 

3. Listening Module

When you opt for IELTS preparation from home, this module will give you access to different English accents. You can prepare by listening to the various recordings. Also, there will be some questions of practice after the end of each of these. Once you are done with this, you can even know about your performance. It opens the scope for improvement. 

4. Speaking Module

The speaking module test designed for IELTS preparation from home typically runs from 11 to 14 minutes. The questions are simple, just like those in the test. Also, these revolve around topics like life, work, and general interests. Also, the answer that you give for the first question determines the next questions that the online IELTS trainer will ask.


Coronavirus is a matter of concern these days. However, you do not have to halt your IELTS training due to this global pandemic. You can now opt for IELTS preparation from home with eBritish IELTS. Online programs like these provide you with enough help to make you score the best in your test.

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