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Methods and Tips to Ensure You Are Prepared For Your IELTS Exam

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The IELTS test is a critical paper for anyone who wishes to study or settle abroad. It is a test everyone has to take who doesn’t have English as their native language. But you have to remember that the test format and rules are not like your traditional English exam. This reason prepares for IELTS a different beast altogether. We want you to understand the test and ensure that there is no stone unturned in your practice. 

Ways to get prepared for IELTS Exam

We have collected some well-exercised tips and methods to keep you ahead of the rest of the pack preparing for the coveted test. These methods have proved useful in the past. Your IELTS Training will undoubtedly get a massive boost by following these tried and tested methods.

Listed below are these tips with a brief explanation:-

1. Understand the test format and rules

Familiarizing yourself with the test format is critical and especially when attempting an international test like IELTS. So, the first thing to know is that there are two versions of IELTS:-
- IELTS Academic
- IELTS General

The components for both versions are similar except IELTS Writing. For the academic format, the students have to describe a diagram of any type in 150 words. In the General format, the students have to write a letter considering an office or everyday situation. 

2. Practice sample questions

To attempt as many IELTS sample questions as possible is one of the best ways to stay prepared for IELTS. IELTS online test preparation gives you plenty of sample questions to practice. These online test platforms provide plenty of tasks for students to practice plenty of tasks that will appear in the IELTS exam. Review your answers and compare the answers you gave with the model answers.

3. Practice under time pressure

The IELTS test runs for a total duration of 2 hours and 45 minutes. Try to test yourself under similar time constraints while attempting the full IELTS paper. 
This way, you will be tested in every module, and you will know for sure how you fare in each module and the whole test together. The more time you get your full test practice, the more you will get better at managing your time during the test.
eBritish IELTS is a platform with 3 attractive packages and separate modules for additional training too.

4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses

If you have not used English as your natural language, then it is a good idea to practice the language and see how you fare. 
It gets much recommended to judge your strengths and weaknesses. When you identify your fault, work on those aspects, and practice more to make sure your band score does not get negatively impacted. You can attempt the modules separately in addition to the full sample test.
IELTS online test preparation is a great way to identify your strengths and weaknesses. 

5. Relaxed on test day

It is necessary to stay relaxed and healthy on the test day. One way to ensure that is to get proper sleep and rest before the test day. 
Your tired body and mind will break your concentration on the test day. It is also critical to be adequately fed on the test day and not be hungry, as that will also keep distracting you from the task at hand. Keep calm and stay focused on some mental and physical exercises.
You have done your IELTS training, and now it’s to relax, maybe watch a movie and have a fun activity with your family or friends the day before the test. 

6. Wear comfortable clothes

It is also highly relevant to wear the right kind of clothes for the IELTS test. Wear the appropriate clothing and clothes that won’t distract you during the test. 
Don’t wear clothes that are too tight and keep in mind that the test hall mostly remains under the air conditioning. So, wear clothes accordingly.

Some essential tips for the IELTS test module wise listed below for your benefit:-

IELTS Writing
- Refrain from using spoken English.
- Task 2 contributes more to the score, and it is wise to attempt it first.
- The handwriting should be clear to read, tidy, and neat.
IELTS Speaking
- Listen to questions carefully before you begin your answers.
- If you are unsure about what is the right answer, it is a wise move to request the examiner repeat the question.
- It is crucial to feeling relaxed, and that will allow you to do your best.
IELTS Reading
- It is a colossal waste of your time if you spend too much time on the question you are unable to find an answer for at the moment. Return to the question if time is left.
- Read every question carefully and underline the keywords to help you answer quickly.
IELTS Listening
- It is wise to skip the questions before you listen to the recording.
- The dates need to get written in the correct format.
- Raise your hands as soon as you face any problem hearing the recordings.
- Practice especially on British and American pronunciations due to some numbers and words pronounced differently.

IELTS test is a critical litmus test for everyone willing to go abroad for studies or any professional opportunity. But as it is with any test, the preparation is of utmost importance. 
eBritish IELTS is an online IELTS training platform that will prepare you for every aspect of IELTS with expert trainers, attractive 3 level packages, and modules sold separately for additional training. These points ensure you get adequately trained for the test day. 

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