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A Look into The Organizations That Accept IELTS Scores

22 May 2020 Administrator . 0 General

IELTS is an international standardized English language proficiency test that is specially designed to check the skills of non-native speakers. The test is accepted by as many as 10,000 institutions and organizations in over 145 countries all across the globe. From Canada and Australia to Europe and New Zealand, all famous academic institutions and professional organizations accept IELTS scores.

Further, to clear the IELTS test, there is no minimum score. Whether you perform well or not, you will be issued an IELTS result or Test Report Form. And the results are in the form of bands where the IELTS band score 1 denotes a non-user and band 9, an expert user. Each institution and organization, further, has a different threshold for this score. Thus, the score that you must obtain will depend on the institution that you want to get into.

Since your desired organization plays a significant role, let us take a look into the organizations that accept the IELTS scores:

Type of Organizations That Accept IELTS Scores

The IELTS test is valid for the following type of organizations:

  • Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Training Organizations
  • Immigration Authorities and Government Departments
  • Multinational Companies and Employers
  • Professional and Industrial Bodies

What IELTS Score Will You Need?

When it comes to the IELTS test, each one of us wants to score the best. An ideal way to do so is by opting for Online IELTS Training. With its help, you can prepare for your test from the convenience of your own space. However, your aim for the score will entirely depend on the organization that you want to go to.

Employers, Migration Bodies, Universities, and Colleges, each have their own set of conditions about the level of English they require. So, IELTS score requirements for entry to high school will differ from those needed for professional registration in a country. Thus, you must always check about the score that you will need to gain to get into your chosen organization.

Another thing that you must be familiar with is that the IELTS test has two variants IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic test. The test you will choose will depend on your reason for going to an English-speaking nation.

If you want to enroll yourself in university or college as an undergraduate or a postgraduate student, IELTS Academic test is for you. Also, with this, you can get entry into a professional institution. IELTS General Training, on the other hand, will test your every-day, non-academic skills in the English language. It is for those who wish to migrate to an English-talking country.

Countries with Highest IELTS Scores (IELTS Academic Test)

As per a recent study, these are top-seven countries of the previous year with a high average IELTS band score for the IELTS Academic test:

  • Germany: 7.43
  • Greece: 6.97
  • Malaysia: 6.88
  • Spain: 6.85
  • Canada: 6.84
  • Romania: 6.83
  • Philippines: 6.81

Countries with Highest IELTS Scores (IELTS General Training)

For IELTS General Training, top-six countries with high average IELTS scores for the previous year are:

  • USA: 7.62
  • South Africa: 7.44
  • Singapore: 7.41
  • Zimbabwe: 7.13
  • Germany: 7.05
  • Nigeria: 6.86

IELTS Score Required by Academic Institutions for Admission

IELTS is used as a selecting criterion by almost 9,000 educational institutions worldwide. As a general rule, all the top-ranked universities in the USA and the UK tend to require a higher IELTS score. It is typically 7.0. On the other hand, for undergraduate study in English, they may accept IELTS scores 6-7.

Further, when it comes to Canada and Australia, the accepted minimum score ranges from 6.0 to 6.5. The IELTS score that you will need tends to be lower for non-native English-speaking countries.

IELTS Score for Immigration Purposes

Numerous Commonwealth countries also demand IELTS scores to know about the immigrants' capability in the English language. Some of these countries include the UK, Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia.


When you decide to begin your online IELTS training, make sure that you know what organization you want to get into. Doing so will help you set the desired IELTS score that you will have to achieve. Ebritishielts can lend you a helping hand for it. With our 3-level IELTS General Training and Academic programs, you are sure to clear your IELTS exam with flying colors. Also, you can choose between our single modules, as well.


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