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Are you an IELTS aspirant and want to gain your desired score to get into the institution of your dreams? As an IELTS test-taker, the biggest concern for many is how to prepare for it with whatever little time they have in hand and within their expenses?

From office-going folks and students to homemakers, having an international dream about studying or settling abroad is quite common. And the IELTS exam is an essential criterion for it. This English language testing system is specially designed to check the proficiency of non-native speakers, and you may need professional training for it.

Rather than worrying over how you will attend your IELTS coaching class that can be quite costly and time-consuming, IELTS online preparation is the best solution. If you are in search of an IELTS online preparation course that works for your schedule and is affordable, meet the best IELTS online training platform for IELTS aspirants – Ebritishielts.

IELTS Online Preparation with Ebritishielts

Ebritishielts is an IELTS online coaching platform specially designed to cater to those individuals who find it challenging to opt for conventional IELTS preparation in their fast-paced lifestyle. Also, it is for those who wish to prepare for the IELTS exam at a minimal cost. This product is the most suited for working professionals, people in business, homemakers, and students.

It assists them in preparing for IELTS from home, at their convenience, and at an affordable price. This IELTS online training platform works by making use of modern-day technology – the Internet and combines it with their expert knowledge in the field of IELTS. All the courses available at eBritishielts are sure to help aspirants kickstart their international journey.

A Section-Wise Approach to IELTS Online Preparation with eBritishielts

Reading Module

For the reading module of the IELTS exam, ebritishielts offers a plethora of reading practice test material. They ensure that you will never run short of it while you prepare for IELTS from home. Further, you only need to attempt your test and save the answers. Once done, you will receive instant feedback for the same.

Writing Module

To help aspirants with IELTS online preparation for the IELTS writing exam, writing tasks 1 and 2 are preloaded by the ebritishielts team on the dashboard. You have to solve them on a piece of paper and unload the picture of the same using their mobile app. You will receive the corrections and corresponding suggestions without any delay.

Listening Module

As for the IELTS Listening test, there are numerous tapes and recordings on the control panel. All you will need for them is a quality pair of headphones and a place where you can sit and attempt your test for IELTS online training. After this, you will get the solutions without any delay.

Speaking Module

Lastly, for your IELTS online preparation for the Speaking module, you can schedule live speaking slots with expert trainers. Make sure that the time you select is at your convenience. Also, you will receive a reminder of the same fifteen minutes before your session starts.

How Does IELTS Online Preparation with eBritishielts Works?

Ebritishielts offers the best online IELTS preparation courses that range from beginner to advanced level. Here are the simple four steps you can follow to get started with it and prepare for your IELTS exam from home:

Step 1: Free Level Assessment Test

In order to begin your online IELTS coaching with eBritishielts, the first step includes taking a free level assessment test. You will be scored between 0-10. It is basically a test to determine your skill set in the English language. Also, it helps the ebritishielts team to present you with the most suitable packages for your IELTS online preparation.

Step 2: Free Demo Package

After you take the test, it is time to understand the product better. For it, this IELTS online training platform offers a free demo package. With its help, you will get a complete idea about how ebritishielts will help you prepare for IELTS from home.

Step 3: Choose the Best IELTS Online Course         

Once you are done with the eBritishielts free demo, you can move on to buy the best IELTS online preparation package. For this, you will receive some suggestions from the team. Keeping them in mind, you can choose between Basic and intermediate to professional IELTS Academic and General Training packages.

Further, if you feel that you are fully prepared in all other modules of IELTS but lack in a single one, eBritishielts also offers single modules packages. So, you can even choose them to polish your skills and boost your score in a particular module.

Step 4: IELTS Online Preparation from Home

After paying for your desired IELTS online training package, you can start IELTS Preparation from home.  All the study material and the tests (reading, writing, and listening) will be made available to you on the dashboard, and you can access them 24/7 for the duration of your subscription.

Further, you will also have access to an orientation video that will help you understand IELTS better. After watching it, you can switch to the IELTS practice sessions. As for the speaking module, you can book slots for speaking sessions at your convenience.

How we work - eBritish IELTS

Live Discussion and Live Events

IELTS online preparation with eBritishielts is not just limited to getting the study material and preparing on your own. You will be assigned an IELTS expert who is sure to help you throughout your journey. Along with this, the website also offers a special feature – live discussion and live events. For both of these, you only need to sign up with the platform for free.

Even the students who have not purchased a course can attend them. Only sign up with the website is needed. For the live discussion, you will receive a link via email. As for the live events, all information regarding these is available on their website. You can readily attend any of these classes on the eBritishielts YouTube channel.

How to Get Additional Discount with eBritishielts?

While all the courses at eBritishielts are affordable, you can also get additional discounts with them. For this, you have to open their official website. Here, on the top left corner, you will find a discount code. For the discount, make sure to apply it during the checkout. These codes and discounts offered change often. You can visit the website frequently to avail of the best offer.

Final Thoughts

So, this is all you need to know about IELTS online preparation with Ebritishielts. With this platform, you can readily prepare for IELTS from home and at an affordable price. All international aspirants need to clear the  IELTS exam with a good score, and Ebritishielts helps you achieve this at a reasonable cost from the convenience of your space and time.

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