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Study Abroad IELTS Preparation Delayed Due To COVID-19? Ebritishielts Is Here with A Plan B!

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COVID-19 has affected a lot of things worldwide. The study plans of students are among these. There have been near-total closures of educational institutions and other coaching centers. Amidst all this, the most affected thing for all the international aspirants is their study abroad IELTS preparation.

While there is little, they can do regarding this due to the pandemic, looking for a plan B seems like the only solution. Well, the good news is – we at ebritishielts have come up with one. If you are wondering what it is, we are talking about IELTS preparation online. To know more about it, read further.

How is COVID-19 Delaying the Study Abroad IELTS Preparation of Aspirants?

COVID-19 appeared abruptly in December 2019 and has been in the news since then. Even months away from its appearance, there is no news of it disappearing anytime soon. The worldwide lockdown of a few days has now turned into months, and there is still no hope of it lifting. This means that the educational institutes and the coaching centers will not operate, as well.

Now, the problem is that the IELTS exam is bound to happen as soon as the conditions calm down a bit. Also, computer-delivered IELTS is also an option now. However, with no preparation, scoring your best in it can be quite challenging. You can always prepare for it yourself. But with no guidance and study material in hand, we all know it is nearly impossible. So, what can be done here? The solution is simple – move your study abroad IELTS preparation online.

How to Move Your Study Abroad IELTS Preparation Online?

An ideal way to prepare for the IELTS test is by moving your study abroad IELTS preparation to an online platform. This way, you will not have to get outside your home for it. Further, with IELTS online platforms, even time is not an issue. You get to prepare at your convenience. While with the COVID-19 pandemic in the picture, this might seem like an only option, professionals and homemakers usually prefer this form of IELTS preparation due to their busy schedules. The same goes for some students, too, who cannot take out time for the conventional classroom teaching for IELTS.

If you are searching for a similar platform, we present you with Ebritishielts. Let us have a look at how IELTS online coaching works with it.

Ebritishielts – How IELTS Preparation Works with It?

Ebritishielts is an online IELTS preparation portal that is helping people all across the world achieve their international dreams. It was designed keeping in mind the dilemmas of homemakers, office going professionals, and students in mind. It understands how crucial time is for them, and makes every possible effort to help them achieve their desired IELTS band score. Here is how study abroad IELTS preparation works with this online platform:

1.  Free Level Assessment Test 

The first step to shift your study abroad IELTS preparation online includes you taking our free level-assessment test. This will give you and our team an idea of your level in the English language, and we can suggest a package accordingly. You will be scored between 0-10.

2.  Take Our Free Demo

To let our clients understand our product better, we provide a one-day free demo package. It will give you an insight into how IELTS online preparation works with us.

3.  Choose an Online IELTS Package

Our IELTS packages are designed as per your skill set. These range from basic and intermediate to professional for both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training. Also, we offer single modules, as well.

4.  Study Abroad IELTS Preparation from Home

After paying for your desired package, you can start IELTS preparation. The study material and all the tests will be uploaded on to your control panel. Also, they can be accessed 24/7.

Section-Wise Approach to IELTS Preparation with Ebritishielts

  • Reading

For the IELTS reading test preparation, we offer you with plenty of reading practice test material. After attempting any of your tests, save your answers. Our team will make sure to correct it within no time.

  • Writing

You can find your writing tasks preloaded on the dashboard for your IELTS writing test preparation. Simply solve them on a piece of paper and upload its picture using our mobile app. The corrections will be delivered to you as soon as possible.

  • Listening

For the listening module, we provide numerous tapes and recordings. Use headphones to listen to them and attempt your test.

  • Speaking

Lastly, for your speaking practice, you can schedule live speaking slots with our world-class trainers as per convenience. You will also receive a reminder of your session fifteen minutes before it starts.


So, this is how you can carry out your study abroad IELTS preparation with Ebritishielts. With this plan B, there is no way that you will not be able to score the best for your IELTS exam. Happy Learning!

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