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Top 10 Tips to Improve Your IELTS Score

12 Feb 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Anyone wishing to go abroad needs to prove their proficiency in the English language. Most countries need that proof, and IELTS is the biggest test globally to determine that. The requirement varies from countries, but generally, 6.5 is the average IELTS band score that many institutes or job positions ask for in many places. Specific courses, countries, and professions have higher requirements, and you will get recommended to check your particular needs and prepare accordingly.

Everybody sits down for a test like IELTS to attain the maximum possible band score. No one wants to keep sitting for the same exam again and again. Experts recommend IELTS online test preparation for the convenience of time and money getting saved as a result. Proper exam preparations and structure is a great way to score high.

Let’s go through the top 10 tips to improve your IELTS band score:-

1. Engage in one activity every day in English. Like listening to the radio, watch a movie, read a magazine or newspaper, blog or article, or have a conversation in English. Link these activities to things you are interested in to add some fun.

2. Do various daily activities to organize your thoughts and ideas before letting them out in the different modules of your IELTS exam.  

3. Understand the content of the exam questions in detail to prepare accordingly. 

4. Focus on time management and keep time aside daily for full test practice to get that time management in order.

5. Keep boasting your vocabulary and try to place words in different contexts to help you better memorize the word, and their meaning.

6. Be fully confident in your manner of speaking, and even when you hesitate, try to be calm and add some humor. It will add a positive impression to the examiner. 

7. Speak in a manner that paints the picture for the examiner. Expand as much as you can on your answers. Don’t give short and monosyllabic responses.

8. Work daily on your grammar and sentence formation, which includes phrases, words, clauses, tenses, etc. IELTS online test preparation with eBritish IELTS is a great way to practice those aspects of the language.

9. Divide your IELTS training into four modules. Listen to as many accents and a variety of audio options as possible, lectures, podcasts, movies, tv shows, audio plays, debates, etc. Practice speaking with the correct pronunciation. Practice writing tasks daily as a hobby. Read different passages to identify critical points, the writer’s purpose, and useful information.

10. In the end, it all comes to enjoying the work and practice, and practice and keep practicing until the whole IELTS exam feels like second nature to you.


The whole point of attempting IELTS is to get the band score that will get you your dream course or job in your dream country. But few people have the time to go to a training center. Join eBritish IELTS today and leave all the worries behind you to get the band score you need. Get trained with the best experts in the field of IELTS training.

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