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What are the Best Ways to Prepare for Your IELTS Test?

17 Apr 2020 Administrator . 0 General

The International English Language Testing System is among the most recognized proficiency tests across the globe that can help you accomplish your dream of studying or settling abroad. Passing it can bring you closer to getting into any institute in almost 140 different countries. Also, you get to prepare for the quintessential everyday conversations in any English-speaking nation. 

Each year, a number of aspirants appear for this test. And not each one of them succeeds to clear it. At least, not everyone can do so in a first attempt. In order to ace it, you must know how to prepare for your IELTS test. With a little dedication and practice, there is nothing that one cannot achieve. And the same goes for this standard English language proficiency test, as well.

So, if you want to appear for this exam anytime soon, and looking for the answer to what is the best way to prepare for IELTS, then you are on the right page. 

We have come up with the best ways that can help you prepare for your IELTS test.

Ready to learn about them? Here, you go!

1. Make a plan which works out for you.

In order to prepare for your IELTS test, planning is the key. So, before you even decide to pick up a pen and paper, it is essential to plan out a schedule for your preparation. For an important test like this, time management is crucial. Therefore, you must always create a well-balanced strategy (one that includes breaks!) and make sure to stick to it. 

2. Understand how scoring works.

Next, it is a wise idea to know how the scoring system actually works for the test. This way, when you prepare for your IELTS test, you will know what to focus on. You will be measured on your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in the language. Along with this, the examiner will also evaluate your communication skills that are essential for studying or working in an English-speaking country. 

Further, you will be graded on a scale of 1–9. And these are the ‘bands.’ Here is an insight into how this scoring system works – Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing, all of these are separate tests. Therefore, you will get an IELTS band score for each of these. And your final score will be the average of these scores. For example, let us say that you got the following results:

• Speaking- 7

• Listening- 8

• Reading- 6

• Writing- 7

Here, your total score will be calculated using the formula: (the sum of all the test scores)/4 = Band Score. Thus, your score here will be Band 7. 

3. Know the test format.

For you to excel in your exam, you must prepare for your IELTS test well. However, for this to happen, you need to have a thorough understanding of what each of your exams will look like. Here is what you must know:

• Listening exam

The time you will get: 30 minutes

Sections: 4

Number of questions: 40

• Reading exam

The time you will get: 60 minutes

Sections: 3

Number of questions: 40

• Speaking exam

The time you will get: 11-14 minutes

Sections: 3

Number of questions: one-on-one with an examiner

• Writing exam

The time you will get: 60 minutes

Academic task 1: Report on chart, graph, map, or process

Academic task 2: Essay

General task 1: Letter 

General task 2: Essay

4. Identify your current level.

The best start to prepare for your IELTS test is by identifying your current level in the language. You can easily do so by attempting various tests specially designed for this purpose. Further, if you decide to opt for IELTS preparation online, there are chances that you may be provided with a free level assessment. eBritishielts is one such online IELTS platform that will offer you this. 

5. Consider a preparation course.

What better than enrolling yourself in a course to prepare for your IELTS test? You can easily find a course online. And trust us, IELTS preparation online is much convenient and affordable. Further, when you decide to take an online course for your training, you are sure to have enough material for you to study from. 

6. Surround yourself with English.

When you are looking forward to improving your English language skills to prepare for your IELTS test, make sure to surround yourself with the language. You need to learn some new words each day. And not only this, try to incorporate them into your everyday talks. Further, make sure that the shows you watch and whatever you read must be in English, as well. 

7. Practice, Practice, Practice!

Just like a good plan will come handy to prepare for your IELTS test, you must remember than practicing is what will help you succeed. So, make sure to practice as much as you can, and you are sure to get your desired score in your IELTS exam. 

8. There is no such thing as ‘too prepared!’

When you decide that you want to take an IELTS test, make sure to register for an online IELTS preparation course as soon as possible. For this test, there is no such thing has too much preparation. So, whether it is in your office break or when you have an hour between your lectures, make sure to prepare for your IELTS test as much as you can. 


These are some of the best ways you can rely on to prepare for your IELTS test. And if you are looking for the best online IELTS preparation courses, eBritishielts can be your go-to solution. We strive to help you achieve your required band score with our well-planned programs. Join us to turn your dream into reality! 

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