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What Is IELTS Indicator? Can Ebritishielts Help Me Prepare for It?

08 Sep 2020 Administrator . 0 General

Do you aspire to have an overseas education? If yes, appearing for an IELTS test is crucial for you. Now, with the widespread of the COVID-19 crisis, you may not want to visit the IELTS centers for this. It is where the IELTS Indicator test comes in the picture.

Let us look at what this test is and how online IELTS preparation with eBritishielts can help you. Let the scrolling begin:

All About the IELTS Indicator

If you wish to take the IELTS test from the comfort and safety of your home, this online test is the most suited for you. Just like your IELTS exam, the IELTS Indicator includes four skills – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, that you need to appear for. For all of them, you receive an indicative score.

Now, all of this happens from your home. You do not have to visit any IELTS test center for it. Further, your performance is marked by IELTS examiners and not AI-generated. And you will receive your test results just within seven days.

This test is quite useful in the areas with suspended IELTS testing due to COVID-19. It is further a time-based test. So, you cannot pause it in-between. Thus, the time factor is observed like that in your regular paper-based or computer-aided IELTS exam.

Benefits of IELTS Indicator

During the tough COVID-19 times, the IELTS indicator test has appeared as a ray of hope for those aspirants who do not wish to get out of their homes to take their exams. Here are some benefits of this online test:

  • It allows the test takers to measure their ability in Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking.
  • You can take your IELTS Indicator from your home. So, even if the testing has been suspended in your area, you will not have to worry about anything.
  • Universities and educational institutions are accepting the IELTS Indicator. However, it is for conditional application purposes and not a replacement for the IELTS test.
  • Lastly, this test is an official IELTS product. Therefore, its credibility is not an issue. If the organization that you want to get into accepts it, you can take it readily.

IELTS Indicator Checklist

Now that you know that the IELTS Indicator test is quite beneficial, here are some crucial things that you need to know before sitting for it:

  • You will need a quiet and comfortable space where you can take your test.
  • It is not possible to take the IELTS Indicator test on a mobile, tablet, or any other related device. So, you will need a laptop or a desktop computer (Mac or PC).
  • Also, your internet connection must be stable.
  • For your IELTS listening test, you will need to listen to the audio. So, your speakers or headphones should be connected to your computer.
  • Lastly, for the speaking test, make sure that your computer should have a microphone that works well.

Key Features of IELTS Indicator

  • Accessibility

The candidates do not have to wait much to take the IELTS indicator test. It happens weekly at a regular time.

  • Safety 

Since the IELTS indicator test happens online, it is safe to take, especially during the coronavirus crisis.

  • Trust

Institutions can rely on this test as IELTS examiners mark the answers. Also, there are live test questions, and it is time-based. Thus, the picture that you get from the test-takers’ skills is reliable.

Will There Be IELTS Indicator Academic as Well as General Training Test?

The IELTS Indicator is meant to help students progress with their University and Educational Institution applications during the testing time of the coronavirus. Currently, this test is only available as an Academic test and not for migration purposes.

Do All Organizations accept IELTS Indicator Test?

For the IELTS indicator online test, the IELTS marking criteria are followed by examiners to mark the test. Also, you receive an indicative score for each section, as well as an overall indicative score. However, this test does not replace the in-person IELTS test that is conducted at a test center. And not all organizations accept it. Therefore, before booking it with IDP or British Council, make sure that your university or education provider accepts it.

What Are the Fee Details for IELTS Indicator?

The fee for the IELTS Indicator test can be paid only in American dollars. So, you will have to pay USD 149, including tax, for your exam.

Can Ebritishielts Help Me with IELTS Indicator?

eBritishielts is an online IELTS preparation platform that can help you get your desired IELTS band score, all from the comfort of your space and time. It is designed for working professionals, business owners, students, and homemakers who aspire to study or settle abroad but do not have the time to take up IELTS coaching classes. eBritishielts provides the best IELTS online training by combining the medium of the internet with their expert knowledge in the field of IELTS.

Now, since the IELTS indicator exam follows a similar pattern as that of IELTS, you can readily prepare for it with eBritishielts. For this, you can take up our IELTS Academic program. It is available as beginner, intermediate, and advanced packages depending on your English language skillset. To determine this, you can take a free level assessment test.

How Does eBritishielts Work?

Here is how IELTS training online with eBritishielts works:

How we work - eBritish IELTS


With IELTS Indicator, you do not have to worry about stepping out of your home. To make it easier for you, eBritishielts offers a way using which you can even prepare for your test online from home. Apart from the 3-level IELTS Academic packages, eBritishielts offers 3-level IELTS General Training packages and IELTS single modules. What are you waiting for? Get started with the free level assessment test and begin the journey towards a perfect Indicative or IELTS band score, depending on the test you are taking.

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