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Important notice: British Council and IDP have started conducting paper based exam from 18th July. Please contact us at 8197881978 for more info.

IELTS Intermediate

Intensive preparation for IELTS Test
Choose four week’s course (Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking) for rigorous practice to achieve the desired result. Besides this, you can book doubt clearing and speaking sessions for better clarity. You can also order our book for more practice.

What do I get?
  • 12 tests for each module
  • Answers for Reading and Listening
  • Orientation for each module
  • Correction of Writing answers by our Experts
Course Structure

The IELTS Prep course lasts two weeks. Your access period begins on the first day you activate it. You can use the course 24 hours a day, seven days a week during your access period. The course is broken up into four modules - reading, writing, listening and speaking. Each module is easy to use.

Pre Review:

Take the free test to decide which course would be best for you. It is a simple test of grammar. If your score is 8-10, you can opt for IELTS Pro, if it is 5-7 then IELTS Prime is for you and if it is below 5 then you can go for IELTS Prep.

Listening Module:

12 recordings with corresponding questions for practice
You will come to know the answer after the end of the test so you can know the score on real time basis.

Reading Module:

12 Academic tests for practice.
Time-bound test so that you can learn time management as well.
You will come to know the answer after the end of the test so you can know the score on a real-time basis.

Speaking Module:

12 sets of Test which will include introductory questions, Cue-card, and Follow-up questions.
If interested, you can avail the benefit of skype session for the practice where you will get 10 interactive sessions for practice.

Writing Module:

There will be 12 sets of writing tasks
One set will include one task 1 and one task 2
Pictures of Written tasks can be uploaded through our mobile application. Once uploaded, our experts will review it and share the feedback for the improvement..

Price USD 108.73