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Important notice: British Council and IDP have started conducting paper based exam from 18th July. Please contact us at 8197881978 for more info.

How we work


After you have purchased your Desired package you get a login code where all the test papers for reading, Listening, and Writing have been uploaded. Watch our Orientation video, First To understand the IELTS better and then Switch to the practice sessions.

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Never again will you run out of practice test material. Reading passages and questions appear side by side on the screen. Once done with the exam, save your answers. Your reading answers would be corrected immediately. With real-time feedback, your progress is faster.

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All the writing tasks, 1 & 2, are preloaded on the portal. Refer to your question and write on paper. Later, when your writing is complete upload and submits for correction through our mobile app. Errors are circled in red and corresponding suggestions given for improving your writing.

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Multiple listening tapes have already been added to the portal. Get a pair of quality headphones, go to a quiet corner, and focus on the test. The questions come up on your screen simultaneously. There would be a notepad you can access to make notes while you listen.

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Live speaking sessions with trainers. Once you opt for your course, speaking slots will be booked according to your convenience. Speaking tips and tricks will be shared with you on a video call.

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Live Chat

Round the clock support from expert trainers. Anytime you get stuck and need help; We are just a click away to solve your query real-time.

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